Note to Self: Commit Crimes in Baltimore

I guess everyone is on a mission to get tazed these days.

After a kid in Philly got tazed for running on the field, this kid in Baltimore decides that it looked like a pretty good idea to give it a try.  What else are you gonna do during an Orioles game?  Luckily for him, the Baltimore police has the drive and dexterity of Carl Winslow.  Good thing they won’t have any World Series rings anytime soon because security is certainly lacking to say the least.  Way to protect all of those precious Oriole players. 

If there ever was a town that you would want to commit a crime in, Baltimore has to be it.  Something tells me this kid knew that already, because rarely through the whole video did he sprint in fear.

The best part is when he thinks he’s free back into the stands only to find security standing there waiting for him so he heads back onto the field.  Entry denied…reminds me of high school.

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the video yet then please do.  Once you’re done feel free to go down to Maryland and steal a few crab cakes.  The cops won’t chase you, trust me.   


9 Responses

  1. I saw this on tv. Those cops were so nonchalant and blaise about the whole thing. Ho-hum! Just another day on the playing field. LOL. Barb

  2. no no aaron, there’s a difference between copying something and just reporting the same story as another outlet. my guess is you can find it on espn, cbs, and 100 blogs too.

  3. After 9/11 the government made it a practice to have under-cover marshalls on planes.
    I think that MLB needs to think about under-cover Linbackers, ala Terry Tate Office Linebacker, to anonymously patrol baseball stadiums. That effort by the “Ballimore” cops was laughable. And as a fan, I’d like to see something between tazing and this non-effort. A geeky drunken kid running around for five-15 seconds and then violently being knocked off his feet by a pro? Everybody wins…

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