Phillies Looking to Trade Werth?

This won't end well.

Here is a frightening tweet from ESPN's Buster Olney (@buster_espn):

headed to free agency.The Phillies may swap Werth for players with less service time who can help them compete in '10 and in the yrs ahead.

Despite how Ruben would try to spin it, this move would prematurely wave the white flag on the 2010 season. 

Imagine if I told you last October, that in the next nine months the Phillies would trade away Cliff Lee and Jayson Werth.  You would A) call me crazy and B) think the Phillies were 15 games out of first. Trading Werth is the their way of saying "we didn't want to pony up the money to compete with the big boys."

Ruben better go incognito if this happens.  

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10 Responses

  1. This isnt “we didnt want to pony up the money to compete with the big boys” this is a smart management move to make sure we get something back for a player who wont be resigning with us instead of just letting him go for nothing.

  2. Yeah, hardly a cost-cutting move. Domonic Brown can help us now. I’d rather they give Ibanez the Old Yeller treatment to bring Brown up, but that ain’t happening.
    Plus, if Werth can help bring Cliff Lee back to town, I’m all for it.

  3. horrilbe idea,what ever happened to ” dance with the one who brought you” without Werth the phils mite not be in ws last two years. get ur heads out of ur collective asses. that is all!

  4. frank, that’s great but those are the types of moves you make when you AREN’T contender. we already made that move with lee, you don’t move top level guys in the last year of the contract when you have a shot at a title. you go out and get those kind of guys. this is 2006 phillies thinking.

  5. Anybody that thinks a Werth trade is going to bring Lee back to town is fooling themselves. Seattle isn’t looking for outfielders, at least not any that will be rentals, or that have any MLB service time. They’re looking for catching help (Wilson Ramos, Minny system), and young, top tier minor league pitching prospects. They do NOT want Jayson Werth.

  6. From a logical standpoint (sorry ladies), it makes sense unless the guy is serious about playing w/the Phillies. One of the key things that too many Phillies fans gets wrapped up in is what they don’t know – how you do you know that Werth REALLY wants to play HERE? You think he does, but his dad played for the Yankees. During spring training Jayson and his dad’s friend, former Yankee, Reggie Jackson had “lunch”. Wonder what they were talking about, don’t you? I would surmise there was some kind of chat about his future (tampering be damned).
    I’m sure they gave Werth an offer and he wants to try free agency, but we have a short window of time and three hurt starters. I don’t agree trading him would be waving any flag, they would bring up Domonic Brown (and Ben Francisco can rotate in there) for RF and I would surmise in the trade get a right batted utility man to play 3B/2B, since Dobbs, Valdez and Castro really aren’t cutting it. Then be a DH/utility kind of player when Polanco/Utley return, using the player to rotate into the infield to give rest for Rollins, Utley, Polanco, etc.

  7. Quick clarification before the sharks attack me:
    Reggie Jackson has a longstanding relationship with the family of Jayson Werth. He became good friends with Jayson’s step-dad, Dennis, when both men were Yankee outfielders from 1979-81. Jayson’s mother, Kim, is a sister to Dick Schofield, who was Jackson’s Angels teammate from 1983-86.

  8. “Trading Werth is the their way of saying ‘we didn’t want to pony up the money to compete with the big boys.'”
    Oh yeah. What a bunch of cheapos, spending only $140 million on the payroll this year. Only the 4th highest in baseball? I wish they didn’t have such tight pockets!

  9. oh yeah, Werth is invaluable to this team.. yet he cant take the bat off of his shoulder to bring Howard home while on 3rd with no outs. THis guy is and always has been over rated. he’s the next Pat Burrell, good riddance as far as im concerned.

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