Throwback! Pittsburgh Fans Are Just the Worst Kind of Fans


Consider this a travelers' guide to the city of Pittsburgh. This was posted last July after a trip to see the Phillies play the Pirates over 4th of July weekend.


We took a little road trip to Pittsburgh, along with a ton of other Phillies fans, for the 4th of July Weekend series.  Our advice? 

Do go to Pittsburgh if you: want to see a beautiful baseball stadium and have an unhealthy appreciation of Roberto Clemente.

Don't go to Pittsburgh if you don't want to: be harassed by fans of other sports, watch grown men walk around the city with tails, experience the plight of society, or have fans throw up on you on 90 degree days.


That's a tail



Not even Jeff Carter…

We get a bad rap here in Philly, but our two days in Pittsburgh were anything but pleasant.

Upon stepping out of the cab into a tourist attraction, we were greeted by a Penguins fan who yelled mockingly, "Let's go Phillies!  Win a cup."

Nevermind that those two things don't go together, we were left trying to figure out why a fan of a team that was bounced from the playoffs would be making fun of fans of a team that is only located in the same city as a team that went to the Finals, and whose baseball team (the team we were there to see) recently won a World Series, all while their baseball team just set a record with 17 straight losing seasons.  Head hurt yet?  Yeah, ours were too.

When we walked inside?  More Penguins fans.

"Suck it."

We are wearing our Phillies shirts, right?


"Screw the Flyers." [points to $8 Stanley Cup Champions T-Shirt]

If there's one thing Pittsburghians like, it's washing their feet in fountains.  If there's another, it's hockey.  Either way, they clearly don't like the Flyers.  But then again, if you were PA's ugly step-child, you would have a bit of an inferiority complex too.  I mean, most Philadelphians do have most of their teeth.

Beyond that, every person in Pittsburgh has either a mustache or goatee, is morbidly obese, or has a tattoo.  I dare you to prove me wrong.

It got better at the game.

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon, albeit a little warm, and we had great seats on the first base line, just 11 rows back.  The first inning and a half was nice, until a drunk Pittsburgh couple sat two rows behind us. The female in this unharmonic union kept declaring how hot her "buns" were on the plastic seat.  Please shut up.

Then she puked… right on the back of a Phillie fan's seat.  And they say Pukemons only habit in Philadelphia…  Perhaps her unruly actions were only surpassed in white-trashiness by her boyfriend's refusal to leave the game once she was sent to the bathroom. 

"She can leave, I'm staying."

You stay classy, Pittsburgh boyfriend.

The city itself was about as exciting as an over-the-pants-hand-job, with a few frills on the outskirts [South Side], but the downtown area was just grimy, generally rubbed you the wrong way, and left you feeling like you needed a shower.

The stadium, however, was very nice.  You walk across- get ready- Roberto Clemente bridge and essentially right into the outfield gate.  Other than the token homeless sax player telling my camera carrying friend that he was "a paparazzo who would never work for Sports Illustrated" (???), the walk over Roberto's riser was pleasant.  Upon entering you are met with- wait for it- a Roberto Clemente statue.

The park has great sight lines of downturn 'Burgh, which is like the Marla Hooch of cities- better from a distance, ugly up close.  

Their mascot is an annoying parrot that spends way too much time in the stands and doesn't subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy.

Nothing too earth shattering in the way of ballpark eats.  Their ex-player-outfield-grill was just average, and Michelob Ultra seemed to be the beer of choice.


Of course, you could get an Andrew McCutchen shirsey.  He's their Chase Utley (the Pittsburgh Pirates aren't very good).

The Pirates took 3 out of 4 in the series, so maybe the joke was on us, but at least we got to leave when the weekend was over.


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  1. Being a University of Pittsburgh alumni I have to disagree! Although Pittsburgh has it’s flaws, it is a great little city and not comparable to Philly. It’s small, very small. But it has it’s charm. Around the University there are really cute little areas like Shadyside and Squirrel Hill. I agree, downtown is not impressive. Anyway, I had a wonderful time living there for 5 years.
    P.s. you know if someone walked down Market St. with a Penguins jersey, he’d be harassed. Just saying.

  2. Totally agree with the Penguins jersey thing, however, we were wearing Phillies t-shirts. That’s the equivalent of seeing a Dallas Mavs fan and starting in on the Cowboys. That’s stretching it.
    Perhaps we missed out on the “charm”

  3. I agree w/ PHLSportsGirl — The cities aren’t really comparable at all. Not many people live between the rivers in Pittsburgh, so it’s pretty dead during the weekends. The Pens fans are the worst, and I think out of the Steelers/Pens, they have the biggest inferiority complex. And the fact that most people in Pittsburgh act like the Pirates don’t matter (and therefore all baseball is irrelevant) pisses me off.

  4. Wow, I hope you don’t ever go to NY, Chicago, or Boston to see the Phillies. I would hate to have to see you back in the fetal position crying again. I was also in Pittsburgh to see the Philles this past weekend. This was my second time in Pittsburgh to see the Phillies. The only unruly behavior I observed was by drunk Phillies fans (some idiot burned my arm with his cigarette). No one said one word about me wearing a Phillies shirt. I did not hear anything about hockey or Stanley Cups for that matter. I find the city charming for being so small. The ballpark offers a tremendous view. The food was great (hello…BUCKETS OF WINGS / Primanti Bros.) and reasonably priced. They had many, many varieties of beer available. Yuengling on tap. Need I say more? The area outside the ballpark is a lot of fun with many bars and restaurants to choose from. Before going into the ballpark you can buy a beer on the street and sit down by the river watching the boaters. You can drink all you want and walk across the bridge back to the hotel. Couldn’t be more convenient!!! Outside of baseball, ride one of the Mount Washington inclines for great views. There is always something to look at while walking around the city. I think you not only “missed out on the charm” you were too busy being miserable and missed out what could have been a great time! Hopefully, people reading will not be discouraged from taking this enjoyable trip. I can’t believe this blog posted this rubbish.

  5. I am from Philly, and my girlfriend is from Pitt and she loves the Phillies. I just have to hear bout the Eagles and the Flyers, but sit back and think the Eagles honestly do suck, and i can say that cause they’re my team. The flyers are in a baby stage it took the Penguins 2 Stanley Cup finals to win it, so we’ll do it next year. Also don’t bitch about being heckeled when going somewhere else, because face it your nothing but a hipacrit, because in the world of sports, all fans do that to the visiting teams fans.

  6. Hello, I also went this weekend to see the Phillies in Pittsburgh and was shocked on how rude they were. Not one single Pittsburgh fan had anything nice to say to us. At one point, I was at the bar and was burned by a cigarette simply because I was a Philadelphia fan!

  7. I thought the article was hilarious. But although I hate annoying loser Pittsburgh fans, it is true that Philly can dish it out, so we damn sure better be ready to take it

  8. This is the best article I have EVER read on this blog, and it is all 100000000% true. Being a die hard Philadelphia sports fan and spending the last 4 years going to school/living near Pittsburgh, I have experienced every single thing listed in this article. Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling for a long, long, long time about that joke of a city. The craziest part is, Pittsburghers are so diluted that they really think they live in a fantastic place. Congrats on your 6 superbowl championships and your 3 stanely cups, really, that’s great, but don’t think they are valid arguments when baseball is the topic of discussion, not to mention your precious pens didn’t even make the finals this year. Thank god I’m back where I belong.

  9. I truly wish people would learn to use spellcheck or had graduated from high school before they were able to start posting comments on blogs. Is it really too much to ask to communicate properly? Yeesh.
    P.S. Every city/fan base has its faults.

  10. As a native of Pittsburgh and a giver of over the pants handjobs, I am deeply offended by this article.

  11. To the guy referencing spell check. Where is yeesh in the dictionary? PITTSBURGH BLOWS.

  12. Pittsburgh is a joke. I didn’t even know how awful the fans were until I went to law school in State College. The first game of the NFL season that year was Ben Rapistraper and his Steelers playing who cares. Ten minutes into the game, the bar breaks out into a “F*** the Eagles” chant. It was then that I found out that apparently Pittsburgh hates the Eagles and thinks there’s a rivalry. There isn’t. We play them in the regular season once every three or four years, it’s not exactly Mets-Phils. Went to a Sabres-Pens preseason game two years ago because my friends were fans of the respective teams at the bar finally asked some skank that got mad at me for wearing a Westbrook jersey why they thought there was a rivalry. She slurred something about how her brother is on the special teams of the steelers and how my wearing that jersey was borderline offensive. I never did get my answer.

  13. I’m a phillies fan and was in pittsburgh this past weekend for the game on saturday and had the exact opposite experience. I can remember 3 people yelling at us for being phillies fans, but they were in moving cars and yelled at us as we were walking, so we barely even heard what they said. We experienced Primanti’s, The O, and Uncle Sam’s, and we even met some nice lady friends.

  14. Plus, as a phillies fan, I’m sure the author of this blog has been to at least one game in philly and shouldn’t be offended so easily considering all the harsh things philly fans have said/done to opposing teams. I’ve been to numerous other stadiums and haven’t gotten it as bad as phillies fans give.

  15. Never once did I say we were offended, just the most obnoxious/unintelligent fan base you can imagine.

  16. I don’t know much about PNC Park, but I just wanted to say that Yuengling on tap is not that impressive when you have the beer selection that is at Citizens Bank Park. You may need to walk a bit to get to them all, but it’s pretty good and there is something for everyone. You can get Yards at a baseball game. I don’t think much else needs to be said.

  17. Kyle Scott,
    You know your business, I know mine. Your business is being an asshole.

  18. I’m from Pittsburgh, and I also go to Penn State. I may break the mold because I’m not die hard for any team and will admit when they suck, (for example, the year the Penns won the cup I was kinda hoping they’d lose cuz I couldn’t stand the assholes at my school who were obsessed with them), but after experiencing the Philly fans at Penn State, I can say that Philly has the most arrogant, cocky, full of themselves fans around. You could argue that the way you say Pitt fans obsess over the Pens is the exact same way Philly fans obsess over the Phillies. Having accomplished just as much as the Pens have with the Phillies (two championship series in a row, while winning one) plus a finals appearance by the Flyers does not make you guys a better sports city than Pittsburgh (unless you’re counting only the last year or two).
    Historically your city kinda sucks at sports compared to Pittsburgh, cuz since your last championship not counting the Phillies was in 83 with the 76ers, that span you have a total of 3, while we have 6, and even farther back to when the 76ers were founded in 63, the total is:
    Philly- 6
    Pittsburgh- 12.
    Though I’ll admit I basically act like baseball doesn’t matter, but that’s because I’ve never been a fan of the sport, and never played little league or anyhthing. Though I’m not fat, tattooed, or possess facial hair.
    And the Phillie Phanatic is better than the Pittsburgh Pirate when your mascot has ever sold cocaine in bathrooms between innings.

  19. Oops I had a brainfart when I was counting the championships, for some reason I thought the Pens and Phillies had two when I wrote that, it’s actually
    2 to 5, and 6 to 11.

  20. Alright so you stuck a thorn branch up your a**, took a little “trip to Pittsburgh”, a town you hate because of your baseball hobby, and looked for “evidence” to support your annoyance. Like damn, I’m a Philly fan first and a Pittsburgh fan second and all I can see in this article is a very stupid bias and some clever bloggy wordplay to “legitimize”. You slapped your Phillies jerseys on and felt defensive the whole time because of it. This is week bloggery buddy, how about writing some useful things or not writing. Not impressed dude, bad attitude all around.

  21. And downtown is one of 90 neighborhoods, so don’t say that downtown is Pittsburgh and the rest is the “outskirts”, that’s a bad observation. Pittsburghers never go downtown because there’s nothing there, it’s a business district. You somehow associate Pittsburghers with lower class stereotypes? Maybe because it’s the largest city in Appalachia, a region that battles with serious poverty issues? Judging a huge complex urban area by the experience of your pessimistic little tourist weekend is very worldly of you.

  22. The fact is Pgh is routinely ranked best or one of best places to live in the US. That’s easy to verify, just google it. Pgh as compared to philly is also better educated, has better healthcare, and did I mention philly is fatter. Feel free to fact check, it’s easy to verify all of this. Pgh is a leader in education, IT, robotics etc. philly is a leader in violent crime. Let’s go Pens.

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