Roy Oswalt Would Like You Not to Notice Him


Can you spot Roy Oswalt?

As we posted before, it seems more likely that Roy Oswalt will end up in St. Louis rather than Philadelphia. One of the reasons is because Oswalt is more willing to work with the Cardinals on his $16 million option in 2012, since he's a "midwest guy."

If that comment isn't irksome enough, CBS Sports now reports (although the source isn't know) that he would rather not go somewhere with an "aggressive media."

Oswalt may not really want to pitch in Philadelphia in any case, having told people in Houston that he would rather not go anywhere with a large and aggressive media contingent.

Jesus Christ, he's like the anti Cliff Lee.

Look at Lee last year.  He walked into Yankee Stadium, flipped New York the bird, and walked out with a win.  I want that guy.  And this isn't to be confused for a "bring back Cliff Lee" post, but I want a guy with those kind of stones.

If this is Oswalt's true attitude, please, go elsewhere.


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  1. That picture reminds me of Big Gay Al
    The caption should read:
    “We’re super! Thanks for asking!”

  2. Naw, with Oswalt I think it’s all about the money. At least if it was me, I won’t give a shit if everyone thought I was the Anti-Christ if they paid me $16 million a year. Plus–and this is purely speculative–maybe he may not want to be second fiddle to Halladay. Kinda like Hamhuis didn’t want to be the guy behind Pronger and Timonen.

  3. I 100% agree!! Cliff Lee wasn’t just an amazing pitcher but he fit into this city! Lee was excited to come to here and he put on a show everytime he pitched!
    I know I need to get over the whole Lee trade but Oswalt just doesn’t seem like the right fit. he might be a good pitcher but he seems like more of a headache.
    Just think back to the last 3 seasons and how the phillies just seem to all mesh well… thats what got us to the playoffs 3 years in a row and in the world series, twice. Its not just the player… its the whole package.

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