Simon Gagne Traded to Tampa

The Flyers have traded Simon Gagne to the Tampa Bay Lightning for reportedly Matt Walker and a 4th round pick.

The Flyers were about $2.5 million over the cap and Simon Gagne was owed $5.25 million this year. Walker only had five points in 66 games this year and leaves the Flyers with a surplus of defensemen, but he is only owed $1.7 million each of the next three seasons.

Sad to see him go.

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4 Responses

  1. and franchise player traded for a bag of pucks and a player who will be healthy scratched most of the season to a team that has no shot of winning. makes sense.

  2. I’d simply ask the commenter above…which team has no shot of winning? Oh right, you meant the one that’s stacked with young talent and has a new GM that looks like he actually knows what he’s doing.
    I’m a Flyers fan but Holmgren has proven himself over and over to be a BRUTAL GM who doesn’t understand how to work an NHL salary cap. There’s never a feel of an overall plan, just one weird move after another then never seems to fit with the one before or after it.

  3. In case you’re wondering how bad the trade was, I nearly forgot to add the other trade with Tampa Bay. Add them together: Simon Gagne and a 2nd Round Pick for an overpaid Meszaros, a crappy Matt Walker and a 4th Round Draft Pick. Not to mention to the “it’s just a salary dump” people, we ACQUIRED $5.75M and DUMPED $5.25M. WE TOOK ON $500k FOR TWO MEDIOCRE AT BEST DEFENSEMAN AND GAVE UP OUR FRANCHISE PLAYER!

  4. it wasn’t a bad trade. gagne had no trade value. calm down dude.
    matt carle’s going to get traded.

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