Survey Says: You Hate Chris Wheeler!



The other day we asked readers to vote on who they wanted to see doing play-by-play for Phillies games, who their favorite announcer was, and which network produced the best broadcast.

We suspected that the results would be very anti-Wheels, since we receive so much positive feedback for our Shut Up Wheels segment, but we wanted some numbers to quantify fans' true feelings for Wheels and the crew.

Read the results after the jump (each of the polls had approx 500 votes).


Who do you want doing play-by-play? 

Scott Franzke 63%

Tom McCarthy 22%

Jim Jackson 12%

Chris Wheeler 3%


Obviously Scott Franzke has paid his dues on radio.  No doubt aided by his awesome call of Jimmy Rollins' walk-off hit in last year's NLCS, Franzke received almost 2/3 of the votes.  McCarthy does an adequete job, but his geekiness is off-putting to most younger fans.  And by younger, I mean fans under 40.  Jim Jackson is probably the most technically sound- doing Flyers play-by-play for years- but fans just don't view him as a baseball guy.

Wheeler is good for a spot start when T-Mac can't make it, but clearly no one wants to listen to him for three hours.

Franzke has a witty dry sense of humor, gets excited at the right moments (listen to T-Mac scream through the open), and is generally just easy to listen to.  The Phillies have to know this since they use his calls during most of their TV promos.

Why he doesn't get at least the middle three innings is beyond me.


Who is your favorite announcer overall?

Larry Anderson 38%

Scott Franzke 33%

Gary Matthews 18%

Tom McCarthy 6%

Jim Jackson 3%

Chris Wheeler 2%


The radio crew is clearly favored over the TV guys.  LA and Franzke have a great rapport with each other.  They are constantly joking, and while not always focusing on the game, they are easy to listen to- which is the best compliment you can give to a broadcast crew.  The fact that LA leads the way is interesting.  He was seemingly demoted from television a few years ago, but we continue to enjoy his dry sense of humor, ability to keep things in perspective, and passion for the game.

Chris Wheeler received 2% of the vote.  Two.  That means out of the 500 people that voted only 10 selected Chris Wheeler.  That's not good considering Wheels is the Phillies' lead announcer.  Isn't it time to scale back our suffering?  He clearly knows baseball, but he spends the entire game trying to prove it to us.  His annoying "one of the boys" persona is off-putting to anyone who understands human interaction.  He gets boners for NL rookies and laughs at everything any assistant coach does.

Seriously, it's time for less Wheels.


What is your favorite broadcast?

Comcast Sportsnet 67%

MyPHL17 17% (ironnny)

ESPN 10%

Fox 3%

TBS 2%

MLB 1%


Despite the general disdain for the local TV crew, we still prefer the home cookin to the national perspective.  Not even Wheels is hated more than Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Joe Morgan.

The Phillies need to make a change.  Fans don't enjoy listening to Wheels anymore.  Franzke and LA do a fine job on the radio and, if this poll is any indication, they would be more than welcomed on television.


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19 Responses

  1. almost gotta feel bad for wheeler. it’s like he tries so hard to be beloved like harry and richie but he’ll never get there. at the same time, i hate listening to him and his asinine unnecessary observations. they gotta work something out where franzke and LA can pick up some innings.

  2. If my memory serves me right, they used to switch off every three innings between the radio and TV. It would be nice to see that again. I think Tom McCarthy does a pretty good job. Wheels is a great guy, I have met him a few times before, but he isn’t fit for broadcasting. It would be nice for them to switch it up between the radio and TV. I like JJ more as a Flyers commentator then a Phillies commentator, but he does do a pretty good job. No one will ever take the place of the greats though, Harry, Whitey, and of course Gene.

  3. I agree with the results. I do like Jim Jackson, but more for Flyers games. Love Franzke and Anderson!! Try to listen to them on the radio during the game, but for some stupid reason they are behind by a play. We prefer to listen to the radio while Wheeler is on. He really does talk down to us like we don’t understand the game. Boring announcer!! Get tired of his stupid comments. I do like Tom and Sarge.

  4. I agree with Kelly. I have tried to mute the tv and listen to the radio but it’s frustrating b/c they are behind by a play. I like Tom and Sarge but Wheels is just annoying to listen to.

  5. Wheels was a good foil to Harry but that time has long passed. When Wheeler was the second team guy with Andy Musser (when nobody wanted to listen to anyone but Harry and Richie), he was serviceable enough. But enough of every story being pre-1988. Time for him to step aside graciously. And side note: we all remember Harry’s Schmidt 500 HR call (“There it is, #500), but few remember that that was on the radio. It was Musser on TV doing it, with a good call as well (“And he takes a shot!”).

  6. Wheeler sniffs into the microphone CONSTANTLY during broadcasts. I can’t listen to it anymore. Screw you Chris Wheeler! Very unprofessional.

  7. Yeah, “Wheels” is past his “expiration date” he was ok maybe back in the 70’s or even the early 80’s, but, he has become mind-numbing, I try 2 tune him out in my mind when he’s on! LOL!

  8. Wheels is killing me. If I have to hear “middle-in”, “No Doubles Defense” “If you’re gonna steal that base you have to make it” and my favorite “Ryan (or Jimmy, or Jayson) knows that”, like he knows what exactly is in the mind of a major leaguer I’m gonna effin’ scream.. And he just will not shut up. No one ever whispered in his ear the basic rule of communication: Less is More.

  9. I have recently noticed that I am not alone in the “silence TV announcers” dept. Tmac was sittin in left field doin fan reports in the bottom of the 1st. Unbelievably Harry keels over and we get this idiot for all 9 innings.Where did he come from to get all 9 innings. He is certainly no Vin Scully, for that matter he isn’t even Vin Diesel. I have hit the mute more times than I care to count.
    Will somebody hookup radio w/TV so we can all shut this crew up.Scenario, Wheels retires, Mac back to NYC & Sarge back to “Tronto” in a waiver deal. TV, Priceless. Contact me for lists of possible deterents.

  10. What idiots actually voted for Wheeler & McCarthy ? Unreal, I despise both of those morons but, McCarthy and his attempts at doing Herman Munster’s laugh when he thinks some thing is funny, is sickening. Get rid of both of those idiots.

  11. I am so sick of this pompous ass spewing out babble constantly and telling people what should and shouldn’t be done and how to do or not do it. Did this guy ever get above
    babe Ruth League?? I wish I could program the TV to automatically mute when his voice comes on. As it is I manually mute most of the game anyway. Franske and LA need to be on TV, Sarge and Jim Jackson on radio, McCarthy as a fill in, and Wheeler on a slow boat to China.

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