The Saddest Picture You Will Ever See

That's J.A. Happ running into oblivion just moments before being told about yesterday's trade.  

It's like one of those horrific news photos of a person right before they are undeservingly gunned down.

Seconds later Rich Dubee would stop Happ on the warning track to tell him he was going to Houston.

Photo tweeted by CSN's John Finger (@jrfinger)


14 Responses

  1. Yeah, I think I’ve seen some sadder things, but gong to Houston as a ballplayer can’t be want many players would want

  2. At least he was told while in the park and not in the management office. He had a chance to go back to the clubhouse and say goodbye to all his teammates. I saw the part of his interview they showed during the game and he was really gracious and magnanimous towards the Phillies and had a good philosophical attitude toward the trade. So we know his disposition wasn’t an issue for the Phillies. I guess there was something about his health they didn’t like. I still think this is going to have repercussions down the road somehow. It’s a crappy fix for the Cliff Lee debacle that’s going to bite them in the arse on top of all the heartache of giving away Cliff.

  3. I am so *(&*(^& tired of hearing about Cliff Lee. Yeah, I wish we could have kept him. But the guy made absolutely clear that it was one year and out. He was going to test the waters with free agency. Which meant, barring unforeseen circumstances, he’d be a Yankee come 2011. So the Phillies weighed their risks and opportunities of trading him a year early, trying to get *something* out of it, and took their best shot. With 20/20 hindsight, maybe not the best idea.
    This deal, this was a gift. I liked Happ. I’ll miss him. But the 2 prospects don’t look all that great, and Houston is picking up a chunk of Oswalt’s contract.

  4. RIP JA. Happ. Thanks for 2009. I’m sure you’ll find many phormer-phils players in Houston. Hell, we’ll probably trade back for you if you ever end up becoming a good #2 or something!

  5. Happ is going to a wilder version of cliff lee in the future wish we were able to keep him

  6. Why can’t people get it? Cliff Lee was gone after this year. Oswalt is around for this year and at LEAST next year for a bargain price. As much as I love Cliff Lee, if you told me I could have Cliff Lee for one year for 9 million or Oswalt for 1 and a half years for 16 million total, and a possible third year for another 16 mil, I would take Oswalt. This is the better deal cuz it sets them up with 3 top of the rotation pitchers for 2 maybe 3 years. It keeps them in World Series contention.

  7. That is the saddest picture I’ve ever seen. Harry loved Happ; he thought Happ was going to be great. I was sad when I heard that we traded him for Oswalt. We take bring him back up into the starting pitchers and then ship him off to Texas. Poor guy.

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