This is Going a Little Too Far

First phone calls, then texting and tweeting, now full laptops?  Can we draw the line somewhere, please?

I have no idea why everyone around him looks like they're in a Stephen King film.


6 Responses

  1. It’s really pure genius! He has a cam set up focusing on the hot blonde behind him. Might be the same guy that was walking around Granite Run Mall with the Gap bag!

  2. He can’t miss a second of twitter updates. It can be addictive. LOL Great picture! He probably is looking at the blond behind him on the web cam. I’m bringing my laptop with me next game. NOT.. Barb

  3. Since it was 80’s retro night, he should have used this:
    Actually, it’s smart, but dorky. He can simultaneously watch the game live and with MLB.TV ( ), or use the Gameday radio feed and play by play ( ), or just keep track of the stats. It’s probably better than being a slave to what they show on the scoreboard and jumbotron at the park.
    Plus, he can keep updated on this blog site. Not to mention talking to all his loser cum husk board mates:

  4. Dear “IronBall”, the Phillies, and the entire free world: It’s ’80s, not 80’s. It’s a contraction, not a possessive. Get it right.

  5. Hey MPH (must stand for “My Pussy Hurts”), do me, the Phillies, and the entire free world a favor and go piss up a rope, pound sand, and then take a huge leap off a tall bridge. Get it right.

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