Shane Victorino: Don’t Yell at Me


Shane Victorino had this to say about the fans after the game last night:

"Quick to forget what happened the last two years, you know? That's the thing that frustrates me more than anything,
listening to that kind of stuff. They're quick to forget what we've done
the last two years. When I hear things like that, it eats me. OK. I
see. Jimmy [Rollins] used that word. I'm not going to use it, but you
know what I'm talking about."

The word he is talking about is "frontrunners."

No one is quick to forget about two years ago, Shane, in fact, it's quite the opposite.  Everyone remembers how great you guys were and how much fight you had.  Injuries don't cause Jayson Werth to swing through fastballs, injuries don't cause you to bat .250.  The team is playing well below their capabilities.

"It's tough right now. We've got to find a way to figure
this out. There's no reason to panic or throw in the towel. We can't
panic. If we panic, we're just going to add pressure to ourselves."

"If I'm a fan of a team and they're not doing good, I get frustrated,
too. But don't throw in the towel. Get behind us. Find a way
to get behind us and pick us up. We need them. That's what this game is
about. It's not just us. The atmosphere that they've created, it's been
awesome. They're still coming out, even though we are struggling. But to
hear those things, it's like, 'Oh, really?' It's frustrating when you
hear those things from your own fans."

"Don't forget what we've done here. We're not giving up. Comments like
that … they're thinking that we're done. I think that's what I'm
trying to get at. Stick behind us. We're going to keep playing. We're
going to keep plugging along. We're not done."

2010 has been extremely frustrating. But I think most true Phillies fans don't go to games to yell stuff at Victorino in the outfield, especially after what he and the Phillies have accomplished the last two years. The fan are still behind the team, we just expect a little bit more.  Ya know?

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9 Responses

  1. Were behind you. That’s why my husband and I traveled to Pittsburgh just to watch you guy. We went to the second game you had there and you guys were great. Just wanted to say I love you guys

  2. he’s right though. it’s one thing to be frustrated, it’s another thing to completely shit on the team. and a lot of people are doing just that. in a way that can only be so in philly, i think it could be summed up as the difference between saying “the phillies fucking suck” and “the phillies fucking suck RIGHT NOW”. it’s frustrating to a real fan to hear it, so it’s gotta be frustrating to the players to hear it even more.
    it’s not injuries though. guys like dane sardinha and wilson valdez are more than doing their jobs. guys like rollins and victorino and ibanez and howard and werth aren’t doing their jobs, and their jobs are to play at a significantly higher level than the sardinhas and valdezes of the world. and they’re not. and THAT is what is frustrating.

  3. For any fan of any team who ever yelled “you fucking suck” at any player and really believed it…1. grow up, 2. have another beer, 3. be a little more creative and 4. go out there and do better. MLB players are there because they are talented in some way at the game of baseball. All players go through slumps and its been hard for us because the Phillies haven’t been this far out of first place for 3 years, but remember the early 2000s? Or the late 1990s? We still have a chance for the guys to pull themselves together and get healthy and who knows what will happen second half of the season. To any Phillies fan who yelled that at Shane or any other Phillie (except maybe Dobbs…), you’re the one that fucking sucks. Yes we expect the best from our players, and I’m the first one to boo a guy who won’t hustle down the line. But I believe these guys are doing everything they can to turn it around. They still want to win.
    That said…Shane, take a lesson from Pat the Bat and don’t complain, just improve.

  4. Look Shane your my boy and all, but this is Philadelphia and getting booed happens I’m telling you we all know what this team is capable of, and they are some pretty incredible things. The set backs right now are there is no room for error with the Mets and Braves playing so well, and with three of our regulars on the DL and a few of our pitchers. When all is healthy I’m certain the Phillies will make a run, but since you all are playing like you have nothing to play for it is perfect you should be booed. And yes the majority who are not ’08 ’09 band wagoners still love you all, but were giving you tough love. I still live and die for my Phillies through out the best and worst of times. Being the super die hard I am. I have the confidence in you all that you can once again achieve greatness, but first we could use our backups to shine and fill the the shoes well for our injured players, and starters be leaders and help out and play like you never give up because that is the piece that is missing from the puzzle. As Charlie said “They need their swagger back”
    which is a very true statement. A suggestion would be any superstitions or routines that anybody has had the last three years? Well my advice do them, hey right now anything can help. And hopfully we can acquire a pitcher and/or infielder. And hey I know what this team is capable of after the all star break. You guys are a second half team. so Phillies and all of all phans in Phillies Nation (the blog too) I say GO PHILLIES!!!!! and “Second half don’t PH**K wit the Philadelphia Phillies.”

  5. Come on Shane this is Philly. If we didn’t care we wouldn’t say anything. Do you really want us to cheer for you when you are playing below the level we KNOW you are capable of? I can’t believe he made that after the last two years comment. That is EXACTLY why we boo. We know you are better than how you have been playing. Would he rather go play for the Marlins and have the 3000 fans cheer for him while he loses? or stay here where the fans love him but are letting him know we know he can play better?

  6. I’m also curious to know what question he was answering with this response. I doubt he just walked up to the media and started this rant about the fans unprovoked. Although it’s true he is known to be quite the chatty kathy…

  7. Shane is completely right. We are naive to think we are going to the Series every year. Yeah, I’m frustrated, we are al frustrated. But booing the team is not going to solve their problems. Slumps happen. They are a great team and I am proud to have them in Philly.

  8. The funny part is, we’re only what? 1 game behind where we were the past 2 years at this point. We struggled, but we’re still not really all that bad off. The difference is, the Braves and Mets somehow have a .670+ win % at home. Braves are 5 games below .500 on the road and the Mets are 6 games. I doubt their home dominance will last, and hopefully we’ll be the 2nd half team we’ve been the past couple years.

  9. c’mon, Shane – you get paid millions to PLAY baseball – you could always work @ McD’s to have people harass you all day long for 7.25/hour.
    And, its not just Philly or baseball. Its the nature of the game. Fans pay to see a performance and if its not what they like, they complain. They’re not your therapist and there to make you feel good – that’s what the millions are for.

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