Victorino Leaves With Injury

Kevin McAlpin covers the Phillies for
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Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino left tonight's ballgame with a left oblique strain.  He will be examined by team physician Dr. Michael Ciccotti on Wednesday.  If Victorino should end up on the disabled list, one would have to assume that Domonic Brown would be called upon to fill Victorino's roster spot.  "I think Domonic is always a consideration" Manuel said after the game.  "I don't think it's that bad, and I hope it's not that bad" Victorino said.  "I won't know 'til I take the MRI in the morning." 

Stay tuned for the very latest…

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10 Responses

  1. It never ends. This means we can’t trade Werth and Dom Brown should be called up.

  2. Charlie…how is this “stolen content”? I’m at the game…im in the Press Box…I’m in the locker room. Explain how it’s “stolen”…

  3. This article was not, but the picture of the Phillies on Southwest was and I wanted to address it.

  4. Hey Kyle, OT, but I guess with Werth producing of late, you’ve now jumped off the Werth-hater bandwagon? Good for you you if you did, because I think some of the criticism he received has been undeserved, what with all the trade rumors and crap about him with Utley’s wife. There’s plenty of blame to go around amongst the players and management, but Werth gets put into the crosshairs because of circumstances beyond his control?

  5. IBmG, I don’t think I ever said I hated him. I posted about stuff the media said, what he said to fans, his struggles, and rumblings about the perception of him. then, out of frustration, i posted that story about him playing poker until 4 in the morning.
    there was a swell of anti-werth sentiment and i was just pointing it out… and the casino thing was relevant because of his struggles.
    i never said they should trade him, or that he sucked. just that he’s kind of a dick, and was struggling under the pressure. which wasn’t exactly untrue.
    it’s a gentleman’s argument, i see both sides. but i really have nothing against werth, just though it was werth pointing out the whirlwind of negativity surrounding him. a whirlwind that didn’t exist in may.

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