First of all, what the hell is that next to him?  Looks like a lesbian Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls… yep, I just made that reference.

These guys are single handedly keeping the tattered jean vertical alive.

Carter's house on the bay in Sea Isle is complete with wave runners, Canadian flag, and douche bag friends:

Here's Robby and Jeff getting ready to drink and ride.  Please don't tell me that's a undershirtless hoodie:


Oh God, it is an undershirtless hoodie.  Not even Abercrombie and Fitch could have expected someone to dress like this in real life:

Carter dizzied up this girl (that's two), I wonder if he kicked her out of his bed?  According to one source, that's sort of Carter's calling card. Kick a girl out of bed: Carter'd

Further, multiple users on the report seeing Carter and Trent Cole getting iced in Sea Isle.  Really, Jeff?

And now, we'll leave you with two options.  You can watch Jeff Carter blow a chance to win Game 6 [below] and get mad all over again, or you can research more about "bros icing bros."

The choice is yours.

If he was just six inches higher, assholes like me wouldn't be writing posts like this.