We'd be fucked.

If you read this site often, you know we enjoy calling out Jeff Carter for his partying ways– today will be no different.

Maybe if Jeff spent a little less time doing this

and a little more time actually recovering during the Flyers' Stanely Cup run, he would have been able to lift the puck more than six inches off the ice to score the winning goal in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Let's compare.  Chase Utley while on the DL in midseason:  []

"Yeah, I might be back before eight weeks," he said. "Obviously, knowing that I've come back from an injury before and I've been successful, yeah, that's good to know. I'm going to do everything that I'm allowed to do, up until the point that I play, in being ready. Once this [cast] comes off, I'll be able to take ground balls. Obviously, keep this [hand] out of the way. The only thing I won't be able to do is throw or hit. I'm going to try to stay in shape as best I can."

Jeff Carter, attempting a return to lead his team to the promised land:  manjobs

And nothing helps heal a broken foot faster than a pair of True Religion jeans:

Seriously, I'm beginning to question his sexuality.  What douchebag friend even took this picture?

"Hey, would you mind taking a homo-erotic picture of John Leguizamo pushing me around while I buy True Religion jeans with my broken foot?"

"Sure, brah!"

See more of his douchy friends tomorrow.

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