Andre Iguodala Makes Team USA, We Celebrate

No we don't.

Andre Iguodala made the final cut for Team USA at the FIBA World Championships.  Phew, I was waiting with bated breath for that decision.  He will be the 12th man on the team only because Rajon Rondo left for personal reasons.

Beware of articles that pump this up as a great accomplishment.  Yeah it's cool that Iguodala made the team, but celebrating it is like Peter Brady displaying his bronze medal from a three-person swim meet.  What other sports team in this city would be content with their superstar barely defaulting his way onto a national team?  A team that doesn't include stars like LeBron, Wade, and Kobe.  To be clear, that's an indictment of the Sixers, not Iguodala.

Good for Iggy, but name me a quality NBA team that would be excited about this news.  I'll wait.


3 Responses

  1. Actually Iggy earned his spot on that team, he outplayed alot of players. Guys a pretty good player (not a max salary player) on a bad team.

  2. yeah, this wasn’t a shot at iggy. more at the sixers that this is the type of thing they’ll celebrate. they tried to build around a guy who has to scuffle to get on a national team. completely misguided.

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