Brett_myersYeah, they're all gone.

This doesn't even include his wife, heyyo!

Brett Myers is making his triumphant (?) return to Philly tonight with the Houston Phillies, er, Astros. We decided to compile some of his better moments from YouTube, so you could relive the awesomeness that is Brett Myers.


Video 1- In this episode, Brett calls a reporter a retard.

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Video 2- The one where Brett Myers' wife won't kiss his stinky cigar breath.

Video 3- In this installment, Brett Myers draws an epic walk.

Video 4- In this episode, Brett Myers tells a fan to "fuck off."

Video 5- Brett Myers punks Kyle Kendrick.

Video 6- Brett Myers wins the NL East.

Video 7- Brett Myers misquotes Lou Gehrig.

What was your favorite Brett Myers moment?