Brett Myers’ Greatest Hits

Brett_myersYeah, they're all gone.

This doesn't even include his wife, heyyo!

Brett Myers is making his triumphant (?) return to Philly tonight with the Houston Phillies, er, Astros. We decided to compile some of his better moments from YouTube, so you could relive the awesomeness that is Brett Myers.


Video 1- In this episode, Brett calls a reporter a retard.

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Video 2- The one where Brett Myers' wife won't kiss his stinky cigar breath.

Video 3- In this installment, Brett Myers draws an epic walk.

Video 4- In this episode, Brett Myers tells a fan to "fuck off."

Video 5- Brett Myers punks Kyle Kendrick.

Video 6- Brett Myers wins the NL East.

Video 7- Brett Myers misquotes Lou Gehrig.

What was your favorite Brett Myers moment?


14 Responses

  1. My favorite Charlie Manuel moment is when he got right in Myers face in the dugout a few years ago after he bitched about being pulled. Chuck probably woulda kicked his ass. Myers….good pitcher, first-class douche.

  2. my favorite brett myers moment has to be last year after the Phillies beat the dodgers i believe they are running around the field celebrating. Brett has a big cigar in his mouth and is dripping with beer and other liquids. He leans in to kiss is wife and kid and she turns away like “i’m not kissing you like that”. classic moment caught by the cameras.

  3. Muddzk- Jayson Werth is no where near as douchey as Brett is. He doesn’t put him self out there to the media. It isn’t a job requirement. He plays hard everyday.
    I think his whole thing with the media and “not wanting to be noticed” stems from his wife having a stalker a few years ago who threatened Jayson, his wife, and their 2 sons.
    Brett is just an alcoholic red neck white trash piece of shit.

  4. how can you say he is an alcoholic red neck white trash piece of shit mike? do you know him personally? if you don’t know him personally don’t talk shit on him cause the media displays every athlete as an assholes but in reality the media are the jackasses when they ask pointless questions just to get under their skin.

  5. Um — the video of the Rays fan harassing Brett before a game with the Braves shouldn’t be posted. Any “man” who goes by the name ‘cowbellkid’ is not a baseball fan — and I’d love to see this pudgy loud-mouth attempt to say anything to Brett Myers without a fence and a 30 foot drop between them. Coward idiot.

  6. Mac- He beat the shit out of his wife in a drunken rage. I bet that wasn’t the only time that has happened.
    He caused problems with Cole last season.
    In my opinion “retard” is derogatory and offensive.

  7. Mike — You are mis-remembering that incident. He had his wife were arguing on the street– and a witness said that during the argument he yanked on her arm and pulled her out of her shoe. (And the witness rightly called the police to report this.) I don’t condone any violence but that’s hardly “beating the sh*t out of his wife.” Brett Myers is a hothead and perhaps a dope — but your language of calling him a “redneck trash piece of sh*t” is just as offensive (maybe more so– as it’s also racist) as he said.

  8. I think the Kendrick prank is great, but realistically it has to be the 2007 NL East clincher.

  9. mike….you are going by what you read in the papers and what is reported on TV.
    ….as far as the “causing problems with cole” you talk about I’m not sure about that but if he did it was probably because cole was bitching about something like normal, brett is a much better team player than hamels will ever be. Myers never quit on his team like hamels did in the world series last year and I can never imagine hamels going down to the minor leagues to get his mechanics straightened out for the better of the team. Myers was all for his teammates and I’ll take him on my side any day of the week.

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