Deion Sanders Rips Philly Fans


(Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
In an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic late last week, in trying to describe how difficult he thinks Kevin Kolb's job will be this year, Deion Sanders ended up ripping Philly sports fans in the process yet again. Here's what he had to say:
"He has the toughest job in the NFL this year because, for one, he's replacing McNabb.You can't replace McNabb. He's filling in for McNabb. And secondly, Mike Vick is behind this man. You know in your cars it says objects in mirror are closer than they appear? The first bad pass he throws, those wonderful, valedictorian-type fans… those wonderful fans are going to be chanting 'Vick, Vick, Vick' on the second play of the game if he throws an errant, bad pass. He has the toughest job in the NFL this year. He really does."

First, his "objects in mirror" analogy is tortured. This is the kind of nonsense he rambles on about for hours on the NFL Network every season. And sarcastically calling us "valedictorian" fans? I'm not sure how stellar Deion's grades were, but I'm sure he was nowhere near class valedictorian. They were probably a lot closer to this, considering he left school without graduating and likely rarely even attended class.
Secondly, this is a typical uninformed out-of-town perspective on Philly sports fans. If he spent 30 minutes researching local sports stories in the last year, he would know that the majority of fans were not fooled into thinking Vick could be a #1 QB these days, in spite of what Flavor Flav thinks.
And lastly, I'm sick of these national sports commentators always looking for an excuse to point out how tough, borish, and unfair they feel Philly sports fans are. Like all cities, we are burdened with our share of jackass fans, but as a whole I think we have one of the most knowledgeable group of sports fans as well. The fans understand this is Kolb's first year as a starter and will be somewhat patient with him. Oh well, at least he didn't go back into the archives 40+ years to dig up the "threw snowballs at Santa Claus" cliche. But it still really grinds my gears.



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  1. While I do agree that following a superstar like McNabb is a very difficult task, I do agree that Deion Sanders as the type of uninformed national perspective that is terribly frustrating. Honestly though, he seems to put down Kolb here. How does he know Kolb won’t be as good if not better than McNabb?
    Then again, maybe someone should remind him of how much of a jackass he was when he came back to football and one of the first things he did was take a 15-yd penalty for taking his helmet off to “celebrate” – a rule that I thought was created because of him, but in fact it was for his teammate Emmitt Smith. Either way, he was still a jackass. Please go back home Deion and leave us alone.

  2. He’s been a jackass his whole career, and his success came on the shoulders of better teammates.
    And just to pick on him some more, here’s Stern ragging on his 2002 Miss USA Pageant hosting skills:
    Part 1 of 2:

    Part 2 of 2:

  3. I know a guy who’s son played football with Deion’s son in Texas. The field was in Deion’s back yard. When I asked him what kind of guy Deion is, he said “Oh, a total egotistical asshole.” Told me that everyone hated him, even the guys who had been HUGE fans.
    And can we PLEASE stop with the Santa / Snowball bullshit. Jesus. It was 42 years / 2 generations ago.
    We need Roy Halladay and Mike Sweeney to do some national PSAs. They WANT to be here.

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