DeSean Jackson Wants to Know Who’s Been Eating Hummus

DeSean Jackson isn't talking to the media, but he is in the latest Foot Locker commercial along with Rajon Rondo, Amare Stoudemire, Justin Tuck, and Sanya Richards.  Biiiigtiiiime.  Ya digg?

What DeSean really wants to know, is who's been eating the hummus?  Which is a perfect time for me to debut my failed humus joke.

Why do all girls like humus?  Seriously, go into a party and tell a group of lassies that you brought humus and you'll be met with this:

"eeehhhmagod I LOVE humus"

"is it flavored?  is it flavored?  is it flavored?"

"fuck me"

"humus. is. like. the bestest thing ever"

Your response:

"It's just chickpeas…  If I told you I brought ground up legumes would you be as excited?"

It might not be funny now, but try it.  Just try it.

Now, the video.

H/T to our good friend Jim McCormick, read his stuff at

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One Response

  1. What the fuck is this hummus shit? If it’s not corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes, it’s crap!
    (Actually, I have this hummus someone gave me with diced jalapeños in it and it was pretty good with tortilla chips. I kinda like it better than the usual black bean dip. If that makes me a broad, so be it.)

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