Do NOT Insult Francisco Rodriguez’s Mami


Have you ever seen a guy look more fly in handcuffs?

So what exactly did K-Rod's girlfriend's father (not father-in-law as previously reported, its a common law thing), Carlos Pena, say to the closer to set him off?  Well, he insulted his mother and told him to "man up."  At least according to the Daily News.  Take these quotes with a grain of salt.  [NY Daily News]

The one-sided fight began when Carlos Peña challenged Rodriguez's manhood and insulted his mother after the crazed closer began shouting about the latest Mets loss, police sources told the Daily News.

"Stop acting like a baby," one source quoted Peña as telling the volatile Rodriguez inside a Citi Field lounge designated for players' families. "Man up, and play better."

K-Rod's mother told Peña to keep his mouth shut, prompting a screaming match in Spanish between the pair, the source said.


Oh no he didn't.

"You can't talk to my mami that way!" Rodriguez shouted.


K-Rod pinned Pena against a wall and began to "rain blows on his head and face."  But as reader Drew and Urban Dictionary point out, it may have had nothing to do with his mother.  She might not have even been there.  "Mami" is typically slang for girlfriend.  Is it possible Pena was yelling at his daughter and not K-Rod's mother?

Carlos_pena_metsHis girlfriend and her Dad, yeesh.

So who's bringing the "man up" sign to Citi Field?


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  1. Beating a senior citizen is not what I think of when someone says “Make it rain” but who am I to judge.
    K-Rod…pioneer, trendsetter, lunatic.

  2. what people don’t realize is that the father was merely speaking to K-rod’s girlfriend, his mami.
    By the way whats up Kyle i met you at the game last night, I was the one hating on Yankees fans, and those kids left early.

  3. so mami= gf in whatever language that is?
    what’s up drew, glad you you remembered the site- you seemed rather inebriated.
    i heard they left early. ill give them slack 30 parks in 30 days…

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