The "ill" shirts are starting to make me sick (heyyo!)… and they might be infringing on trademarks.

At some point over the last year it became cool to wear these awful shirts.  If you're not familiar (don't worry, we have plenty of pictures below), the "ill" shirts we first designed by the hip Philly clothing store, Ubiq, according to NBC Philadelphia.  They surfaced midseason last year and were immediately a hit, selling out quickly at the Center City retailer.

This season, they hit the tipping point.

You can't walk 15 feet at a Phillies game without seeing an oversized sweat-stained version of the shirt.  It has quickly gone from fad to trend.  Every clothing designer around is trying to capitalize on this abortion of a t-shirt.

I originally thought it was just reserved for a few bandwagon hopping fans, who wanted to revel in the pure obnoxiousity of new fandom, then I took a stroll on Ocean City's boardwalk.

Every store, up and down, nothing but "ill" shirts.  Red shirts.  Blue shirts.  Orange ill.  Green ill.  Ill hats.  Ill hoodies.

Ill feeling.

Why must we choose the most awful abbreviation of "Phillies?"  Why not "Phil", or I know, I'm going to make my own shirt:  "LIES!" It celebrates the unceremonious departure of Clifton Phifer Lee.

When did this


turn into this?

As if that's not bad enough, the style is being adopted for the Flyers and Eagles too.

One retailer told us the shirts are selling like crazy.  No kidding.  Even the trendy Spot (a great place for trendy Phillies gear) is featuring the awful shirts.

The boardwalk is a great place to find out the latest douchy trend in clothing, and sadly, this one is taking over the Philly sports scene.

Not only has it gotten out of control, it may also be ingfringing on trademarks.  Most of these shirts aren't licensed, yet they are clearly using the Phillies font and likeness.  An MLB spokesperson told us they are "aware of the t-shirts, and [they] are addressing the situation."

Thank god.

Seriously, stop.