Forbes Releases List of Top 16 Fan Bases

The Phillies made Forbes' list of top 16 fan bases, just ahead of the Chicago Blackhawks??  This list can't be for real, right?

I stopped reading after 16-12.

Here's the link, but don't waste your time.

16- Blackhawks

15- Phillies

14- Yankees

13- Cavs

Oh, and don't worry, the Spurs are ahead of all of those teams.

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12 Responses

  1. The Blackwhawks being in the top 100 on this list is hysterical, let alone them being at 16. The Penguins at 6 is an equally hilarious knee-slapper. Hooray for cities that abandoned their teams for years while the team absolutely blew!

  2. it’s not the phillies i have a problem with. it’s a team like the blackhawks being on that list. the cavs? come on, lebron made them relevant for a few years.

  3. i hope i can say this without getting in trouble but that list is “total bullshit”. you are trying to tell me that the cavs have a better fan base than the phillies?

  4. wow this list is total bogus. they have the shitsburgh penguins on there. do they not realize about five years ago the team was this close to moving because they had NO fans. jesus i hate the penguins and that city.

  5. I’d like to know what sort of criteria these folks used in order to compose this list. Philadelphia has a great fan base. There’s no way they should be that low on list like that.

  6. Hey Schatz, ever study geography? North America is what we call a “continent” of which Montreal belongs last time I checked. It’s the United States “OF” America (meaning part of).

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