The very funny guys over at The Wiz Wit will be contributing posts to CB from time to time.  You can find this, and other hilariousness, over at The Wiz Wit.
Wow, this shit is sadder than Big Fan.  The above man-boy, known only to us as BlueStarShockTrooper, has some choice words for Philadelphia Eagles fans.  There's no reason to get angered by his accusations, let alone waste time responding to them.  When someone is claiming that your QB is worse than Jon Kitna, I kind of shut my ears off.  To me, it's funnier to just let fatty here simmer in his own pathetic worthlessness. Look at the anger in those chins!
If Jack Nicholson and Lewis Black had a child, and that spawn mated with the Crying Giants Fan, you'd have ol’ ShockTrooper here.  He has a couple of other Eagle bashing videos on YouTube if you want more of him to laugh at.  In THIS ONE, he adds some crusty facial hair that really just looks like he tried wiping his ass with his chin.