Jayson Werth Got Picked Off Because Brett Myers Stuck His Tongue Out at Him


You literally can't make this stuff up.  Remember when Jayson Werth was picked off of second base in the sixth inning of last night's game?  Well, CSN's Jim Salisbury just reported that Werth said he was distracted when Brett Myers stuck his tongue out at him.  Look at the picture closely from the Astros feed.  It happened.  Werth even texted Myers to tell him about it.  [Zo Zone]

"I was laughing at you as I got picked off. Thanks."


I, I don't know how to react.  It's kind of funny.  You're going to have to get over the jump to see this ridiculousness, just a second into the video.

The CSN feed didn't have the tongue (because they were showing a replay during the whole ordeal), but they did show Werth kind of hesitate and appear to roll his head.

No word on if Myers gave him a wedgie after the game.


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  1. he was probably baked as shit and was looking at some fucking unicorn behind third base.

  2. classless… I would expect something like that from a lousy met, but as a former alumn, of the phillies, maybe he was just jealous that he can’t hack it as a CHAMPION!

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