After losing four in a row to the Astros, and watching Brad Lidge balk in the tying run in the 9th inning of last night's game, the Phillies could have easily folded and let it slip away in extra innings.  Instead, Jimmy Rollins led off the top of the 12th with a double and Placido Polanco singled him home.  Rollins, who looked like he was a dead duck, made an unbelievable slide around Jorvit Torrelaba's glove and slapped his hand on home plate.

After the game, he spoke with Sarge and showed what a leader he is.  (video of the slide too)

Weighing in on Lidge's balk.  Many fans were blaming Charlie for taking out Oswalt, who had only thrown 102 pitches, in favor of a pinch hitter (Domonic Brown).  It was, in hindsight, a poor move, but Manuel was simply trying to get some insurance runs.  Lidge should be able to be counted on. For two seasons now, even when he's pitched well, he has been shaky.  To balk in the tying run is inadmissible.  It wasn't just a subtle hesitation, he literally had a false start to his windup- completely unacceptable for a veteran.