Joe Blanton Almost Played Left Field and Halladay and Happ Continue Battle in the Stands

Joe_blanton_left_fieldBlanton and Swish, circa 2008

Insert fat joke right here _____________________. writer Alyson Footer spoke to Roy Oswalt about Tuesday’s weird game, and it turns out the only reason Oswalt got in there is because he beat Joe Blanton to the clubhouse.  There’s an accomplishment.

I asked Roy why it took so long for the Phillies to get back on the field after Ryan Howard was ejected (which left them with no position players to replace Howard at first). According to Roy, he first had to run to the clubhouse to put on a jersey and a pair of spikes, which took a minute. He also was in a bit of a foot race with fellow starting pitcher Joe Blanton, the other option to play defensively that inning

Even better, is that Charlie Manuel asked Oswalt where he wanted to play.

Oswalt said he beat Blanton back to the dugout and said to Charlie Manuel, "I'm ready." Manuel said, "Where do you want to play? First base?" Oswalt said. "No. Left field."

And it turns out J.A. Happ was next in line to come into the game.  Since he was scheduled to pitch on Wednesday, he would have been the only other option for the Astros out of the pen.  So much for a triumphant return that would have been.

Speaking of inside stuff, bonus picture of Roy Halladay and J.A. Happ running through the upper deck today, and Larry Anderson looking slick, after the jump.




Running pics via Ryan Lawrence (@ryanlawrence21).


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  1. Cheeseburger Joe in LF? Well, I certainly wouldn’t have expected to hear that.

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