Kyle Kendrick’s Surprise Party and Girl Cole Hamels


Kyle Kendrick's fiancée, Stephenie LaGrossa, threw a surprise birthday party for him on Sunday, at Gigi in Philadelphia.  Shane Victorino, Roy Halladay (I guess he has to show up since Kendrick tailed him all around spring training), Jimmy Rollins, and Ben Francisco were all there.  But the real story is female Cole Hamels.  Good God, I'm scarred.

She kinda looks like Quagmire…


See more pics and a video of Kendrick blowing out the candles, from the great HughE Dillon at  More at as well.


8 Responses

  1. how the fuck did Kendrick land Stephanie LaGrossa? you’d think a smart, attractive Italian broad like that would have more sense…

  2. pitching and playing like shit and these guys are out yucking it up at parties. come on guys we are in a pennant chase here.

  3. “But the real story is female Cole Hamels. Good God, I’m scarred.”
    At least Jill Hamels has a real vagina instead of a penis, which makes her OK in IB’s book. And the resemblance is not that extreme as far as siblings go. He’s a handsome guy, afterall, thus, she is a handsome girl.

  4. Who the hell has a “surprise” 26th birthday party? Not 25, not 30…26. I guess that’s why it was a big surprise then. And after 21st birthdays, what guys even celebrate birthdays that don’t end in “0” with big parties?

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