Marlins Announcers Freak Out Over Blown Call

Fair_marlins_gameIf Fox-Mo says so… it's got to be true

Let's be honest, Bob Davidson blew the call here.  The ball landed fair before and after crossing the third base bag.  Only a mircale of physics could have caused it to go foul around third base, which, according to MLB rules, would have indeed been ruled foul.

FAIR BALL … or that is on or over fair territory when bounding to the outfield past first or third base…


I take back anything bad I ever said about T-Mac and Wheels (well, maybe not).  These Marlins announcers, while rightfully angry, are awful.  Yelling, speaking to Davidson in the second person, inflections in the wrong spot- it's all here.

Watch the video after the jump.

Youuuu bet they did.

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33 Responses

  1. I love how they one tries to scream over the other everytime something big happens. Look up a Marlins walk-off home run, and listen to them ruin calls because both are screaming over each other. At least our guys, while making mistakes, do make genuine calls.

  2. What a bunch of cry babies….r u serious?? My kids don’t whine as much as these guys, they are so bad as announcers, I’d never be able to listen to them, guess it goes right along with the bad team too.

  3. It looks like the ball was foul on the initial bounce just outside the batter’s box. Batter drilled it right at the ground and it was foul before it traveled down the line.

  4. I have watched these guys lots of times and this is honestly the only time I have seen them complain this much over a call.

  5. I want to agree with smurf, and i think thats what the ump was seeing… but i do believe it hit the line there b/c a puff of chalk came up. so yea, its a blown call, not as bad as a blown call in the 9th to cancel a perfect game though.
    but who cares, the Marlins aren’t contenders for the post season, let it go, it happens once a week, it’s part of the game.

  6. It was fair on both bounces. First bounce hit the line, then went even more fair on the 2nd bounce. Clearly a missed call. And no Marlins announcers, Balkin Bob Davidson is not a good umpire.
    I’ll take the W.

  7. In order to get increased inflection in his voice, the one Marlins announcer was stabbing himself in the stomach while making the call.

  8. First of all, no one besides Davidson can make that call because there is no good angle of the hit. It doesn’t matter where the ball bounced after it passed the bag, if the ball was outside the baseline in the air, it’s a foul ball.
    Secondly, I like how the Marlins dugout has the best view of the call since, you know, they are closer to the baseline than Davidson is.

  9. Waltz and Hutton are almost as bad as Carpenter and Dibble. They’re on a first name basis with every Marlins player, lots of “we” need to do this or that, and just overall homers personified. Why are radio announcers (Dave Van Horne for the Expos/Marlins and Scott Franzke) so much better than the TV announcers?

  10. Damn, those guys are even more annoying to listen to than T-Mac and Wheels! Lol. They could at least know what they were talking about. The ball clearly did not go over the bag. That’s a foul ball. Davidson got that call right.
    Did anyone catch Harold Reynolds and Kevin Millar making fun of the Marlins announcers on MLB Tonight last night? Haha. “THAT WAS BREEEEEWTUUUUL” Lmao. It was not brutal. It was a good call.

  11. it was foul it was foul when it crossed the bag i rotated foul so im not saying that becouse im a phillies fan its becouse the ump was right it was foul so shut up and get out dont take it out on the ump hes right

  12. Folks, please. This is the same physics that caused the bullet that went through JFK’s throat to stop in mid-air and then turn right to hit John Connelly. (Google it). Instead of the Magic Bullet or Magic Loogie (Google that, too), It’s the Magic Baseball. It’s just F***ing physics.
    Now, seriously…Davidson anticipated…incorrectly. You can see in the replay that he’s calling it Foul as soon as it hit the line IN FRONT of the bag. he assumed it would continue to take the same line, which it didn’t.
    Oh, well.

  13. get over it, the marlins suck!! i wonder what their reaction was when Chooch hit the homerun in the tenth inning, the marlins are all losers anyways GO PHILLIES!!!

  14. You’d think these guys haven’t seen a game before. In 162 games every team will suffer more than their fair share of blown calls. Get over it – and BTW – the Marlins manager said it was the worst call he’d seen in 30 years. That’s not even the worst call this year (that would be the one that cost a man a perfect game).
    Guess what – the ball was foul – because the only person whose opinion counts said so.

  15. I live in FL and get FS Florida (although I’m 400 miles away from Miami), and yes, Waltz and Hutton bitched until the very end about the call.
    It was a blown call after the replay. But I can see that it wasn’t an obvious foul. You can tell that Davidson was making the call as the ball bounced in fair territory past third. Which told me he was calling the first bounce just outside the batter’s box. The replays showed it was on the line but just barely, and rapidly, even in slow motion. But the bigger issue here is that should have been the home plate ump’s call, not the third base ump’s. Davidson should at very least waited for the home plate ump’s reaction, even if that meant continuing the play.
    But all’s fair in love and war, they say, and the Phillies have had their share of bad and unfair calls against their favor, so maybe karma is being kind for once, especially with being snake bitten with all of the injuries.
    To be honest, most of the other times Waltz and Hutton are decent announcers–I’d say they’re more tolerable than McC/Wheels. I catch them when they play the Phils or other division rivals, like the Braves. They also have Jeff Conine–remember him as a Phillie?–doing Sarge’s gig; but he’s been sharing it with this Allison Williams chick, who’s pretty decent and pleasing to the eye (the pic doesn’t do her justice): . FYI, and I’m kind of embarrassed I know this, she is NOT the former Miss West VA and Miss America contestant, who is herself confused with another Allison Williams who was a Norfolk, VA TV reporter who had a video of her put out on the web where she engages in sexual acts with herself and her cameraman in the back of the TV truck. If you want to see that, just do a search using the phrase “allison williams sex”.
    By the way, does anyone know what exactly happened in the second game against the Marlins (the one with the rain delay) where the home plate ump yelled at someone in the stands? The FSFL guys never got to the bottom of it. They just made a comment that it had to be some sort of laser pointer, as a home plate ump has no business paying attention to what the fans yell-out (it’s security’s job to get rid of fans who use abusive language).

  16. Tommy and Rich are awesome, and I love their energy, sorry if your commentators are boring.
    – That ball was fair, BOB DAVIDSON YOU MISSED THE CALL!!

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  19. I’m wondering if they ever recorded Dave Van Horne’s call of that blown call. I remember that call very well.

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