Mets Fan Redefines Greed


I feel bad for a guy who took a bat the the head, I really do.  But I begin to hate him when he decides to sue everyone within reach for an accident.

James Falzon is suing the Mets, Major League Baseball, a maple bat manufacturer, Luis Castillo and Ramon Castro over an incident that happened three years ago.  In August of 2007, Falzon was hit by a piece of Luis Castillo's shattered maple bat, resulting in facial fractures and broken teeth (a Mets fan with broken teeth, shocking- can we prove it was the bat?).

Falzon, who obviously didn't read the disclaimer on his ticket, wants to get a piece of everyone within reach.  I know how lawsuits work- go after the deep pockets-  but this is ridiculous.  While he might have a case against the bat manufacturer, and maybe MLB (maple bats have come under much scrutiny for splintering), it is pure greed to go after the team and the players, who were simply using an approved product.

His suit even contends that players are the ones at risk.  Ok, so why sue the player?

What are your thoughts?  Is Falzon justified or is he going too far?

We do know one thing: that maple to the face was nothing compared to what the Phillies did to Mets fans a few weeks later.  That suit is still pending.

H/T to reader Dan Bello for sending this over

UPDATE: a reader sent us the Ts and Cs of a Mets ticket.  Read after the jump.

Warnings:  The holder assumes all risk, danger, and injury incidental to the game of baseball or other event and all warm-ups, practices, competitions, entertainment and promotions associated therewith, at the locations in and around the ballpark and surrounding areas and parking lots, whether occurring prior to, during or subsequent to the playiing of the game or other event, including but not limited to the danger of thrown bats, FRAGMENTS THEREOF, and thrown, propelled or batted balls and other objects, and agrees that no person or entities (including but not limited to the New York Mets, Sterling Mets, L.P., Queens Ballpark Company LLC, the event operator, Major League Baseball and its member Clubs, management of the Clubs, and their respective agents, owners, officers, affiliates, employees and players) are liable for any injuries, death, or loss of property resulting from such causes and releases and holds harmless all such persons and entities.

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16 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, it’s the thing to do these days. He looks horrible. Can a flying bat do this much damage? Anyway, some people want a part of the money that lines the deep pockets of most professional players and/or organizations and will take everyone down in order to get their piece of the pie.

  2. There’s no “upstanding motive” to this lawsuit, claiming its the players who are at risk… he’s obviously after some fame and a small fortune.
    Bats and balls have been flying into the stands for over a century, and then along comes this whiner who thinks he’s entitled to a settlement, because he was made uglier by a splintered piece of wood.
    Safety risk to fans always has been, and always will be, part of the game of baseball.
    How about that guy at the Rangers game who fell 40 feet after trying to catch a foul ball? Should he sue the player for hitting it in his direction? Should he sue the Rangers for not having safety nets? No, he’s a Texan. He’s not a prissy Mets fan with sand in his vagina.
    Maybe he should consider concentrating his efforts on suing the Mets for fielding such a piece of garbage team.

  3. Maybe instead of playing with his cell phone he could of watched the game and would of realized that a fucking bat was coming at his head

  4. I don’t know about other stadiums, but I know in Philadelphia they have signs all over that say you are responsible if you get hit with a ball or bat, so this guy wouldn’t be able to sue the Phillies I know that much and I’m guessing it should be the same in every stadium

  5. If you pay for the good seats close enough to worry about getting hit by a bat (or a ball for that matter), pay attention. Not much more the team could do to prevent accidents like this. It seems like an “at your own risk” kind of thing.

  6. Well, it’s hard not to expect this. With so many personal injury lawyers our there, one of them is bound to take a case.

  7. @ brandon
    HAHA! So true…so true.
    I dont understand. I thought all Mets fans looked like this. I say we all get together and sue him. What a bag.

  8. hell yeah hes going to far i work at a minor league ballpark an through out the game they tell people to watch out for balls an flying bats its his own stupidity for not payin attention an getting out of the an another thing is i bet you they gave him an autgraphed bat just cause he was hit by a bat. he just wants something for nothing im willing to bet the law suit goes no where an gets thrown out of court cause of all the warnings an disclaimers. all i got to say to this guy is a f’in ballpark shit happens when you drink an dont pay attention

  9. If you don’t want to get hit by a ball or a bat, don’t sit so close. My family and I had tickets earlier in the season first row behind the 3rd base dugout, and believe me, we were WELL aware of the dangers. I sure as hell wouldn’t sue my Phillies if I got hit.

  10. All suits such as this are normally thrown out. Generally, in good faith, the team will pay for medical care of a person who is hit. Maybe he was just such a dick, the Mets decided not to.

  11. This is also why we should change the litigation laws to state that when you bring suit against somebody and you lose, YOU PAY both sides legal fees. It would still allow for real serios suits to go forward but these little niggly ones that are settled just to get them out of the way would stop. 60 minutes had a segment on this about 10 years ago and detailed a woman who controlled her entire neighborhood through lawsuit litigation. she sued her next door neighbor because the sound of his son playing Bball exacerbated her migraines. Sound silly/ He paid 10K in legal fees and LOST! His lawyer told him they could appeal probably another 10-15K and another possibility of losing. His advice was just give her the 10-12K in damages and tear down the Bball hoop. Great thing for the starting forward on the HS team to have done to him huh? THAT’s why losers like this do this. The lawyers know they can drag it out, be a PITA, and settle for a fraction of the original, AND still come out ahead.

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