Mike Sweeney Loves God, The Phillies, Hugs, and by Extension, a Whale’s Vagina

Mike Sweeney is just happy to be here.  And today, here was in San Diego with the Phillies.

Rollins on Sweeney via Matt Gelb (@magelb).

"He gave me a hug after his home run. Usually, it's you trying to initiate the hug. He's like, 'Give me a hug.'"


Sweeney on hugging via Todd Zolecki (@toddzolecki).

"I grew up in a family with eight kids, so there was a lot of hugging going on. I love my teammates, so when we doing something good that's just how I'm wired. I want to share that love with my teammates."


Sweeney lives near the California city in the offseason, so it was the perfect place for him to hit his first home run as a Phillie.  After the game, he spoke to Sarge about his love for his teammates, God, and how happy he is to be here.  Video here.


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  1. he has fit in with this team since day one. every since he got here i have noticed the little things he does from the dugout shots to the post game hand shakes.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on to become another Cholly when he retires.
    And it feels good to finally have a win for Hamels, who also grew up in the SD area. It was a good series for the Phillies, but they’re still 2 down on the red hot Braves, dammit!

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