Nyjer Morgan is a prick.

The Washington Nationals outfielder has been suspended seven games by Major League Baseball for throwing a ball into the stands at Citizen’s Bank Park on Saturday.  In the bottom of the 8th inning, Morgan, who was jawing with a fan in right field, faked like he was going to casually toss a ball into the stands, then apparently chucked it at the fan he was arguing with.  He missed and hit another person in the face.  A Facebook user seems to confirm the accusation:

best part of the Phils game: guy in front of us getting in the head hit by a ball Nyjer Morgan threw into the crowd…if i had been a little quicker that ball would have been mine

Don't worry dude, he's fine.

We got a .gif after the jump, but it cuts away before you see him throw the ball.  Trying to get more video.

He’ll be back in Philly on September 17th.  Who’s got batteries?  (kidding)