Ochocinco Gives Stewart Bradley His Propers

You probably saw Steward Bradley jack up Ochocinco last night (that's what he gets for trying to prank the Birds), but what did Robin have to say in response?

Well, last night he complained about his head hurting, this morning he gave Bradley his propers and a shout out, and then made a Color Purple reference.

You gotta love Ochocinco (@ogochocinco).

Man Im sick of getting hit like that , its the damn preseason shit! 1day I'm gone jump up and start throwing hay makers ,#Tylenolplease

What are y'all doing? My head hurt and im hungry, waffle house then im headed home to play on line

@terrellowens Batman, i am seeing double right now,my head fucking hurts, this is total bull droppings , its only preseason, why they hit me

This morning…

@stewbradley Stew that was a great hit you caught me with last night, if i ever see you in public i am gonna whoop your ass, #justsayin

Everybody please follow my good friend and the person who knocked me silly last night, Philly Eagles linebacker @stewbradley

@StewBradley Stew did you see the movie the Colour Purple? Man i almost went MS. SOPHIA on yo ass after that hit

@SportsCenter #excusemesaywhat Yeah i got hit hard, its okay, when my head stops spinning i will be talking shit again!

Bradley (@stewbradley) told him that's just how the Eagles roll:

@OGOchoCinco hope the heads feeling alright. We just had a real long training camp ya know, and we hit everyday so…

Awesome.  Watch the hit after the jump.

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