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We’ll Do It Live! Live Blog Phillies v. Dodgers

Kyle Scott - August 30, 2010

Last night’s live blog was rather lively, considering the start time and the fact that the Phillies were being no-hit. Read it after the jump. Lots of Larry King and Rihanna (?) talk too.

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DeSean Jackson Survived His Oral Surgery

Kyle Scott - August 30, 2010


Ayyyye, DeSean Jackson would like you to know he’s alright, after having four wisdom teeth removed.  Ya dig?  We have no idea how his neck is doing, but it’s nice to see him back in Twittering form- with the help of some drugs.

Of course, unlike this kid's whore father, DeSean probably won't try to monetize his high tweets.  At least, we don't think he will.

Flyers to Unveil Last January’s Throwback Jersey, Wear it on the Road

Kyle Scott - August 30, 2010


The Flyers will unveil their new road jerseys on Sept. 17th, but, uh, you’ve seen them before.  They will wear the same white throwback sweaters they wore at the Winter Classic in January.  Win.

Not sure why this change didn’t happen last winter.  They did it with the orange throwbacks, it was only a matter of time for the white (I still have trouble calling white the road jerseys).  The jersey will obviously be lacking the Winter Classic logo, but it appears that everything else will remain the same.

The white jerseys they had been wearing were part of the new Reebok Edge design.  The cut will remain modern on the throwbacks, but the style closely resembles the old-style jerseys.  Unlike the Sixers, who are a complete FAIL with their updated throwbacks– which look way too much like Clippers jerseys, even with the 2010 update.

Jeff Carter?  He doesn’t need a shirt.


Yo, Captain Highpants.

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Mike Sweeney’s Awesome Post Game Interview

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2010

"We had the big horse, Howie, in the stable."

And of course, Sweeney man hug t-shirts.

Mike Sweeney Loves God, The Phillies, Hugs, and by Extension, a Whale’s Vagina

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2010


Mike Sweeney is just happy to be here.  And today, here was in San Diego with the Phillies.

Rollins on Sweeney via Matt Gelb (@magelb).

"He gave me a hug after his home run. Usually, it's you trying to initiate the hug. He's like, 'Give me a hug.'"


Sweeney on hugging via Todd Zolecki (@toddzolecki).

"I grew up in a family with eight kids, so there was a lot of hugging going on. I love my teammates, so when we doing something good that's just how I'm wired. I want to share that love with my teammates."


Sweeney lives near the California city in the offseason, so it was the perfect place for him to hit his first home run as a Phillie.  After the game, he spoke to Sarge about his love for his teammates, God, and how happy he is to be here.  Video here.

Leonard Weaver Puts Fan in His Place

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2010


Leonard Weaver is somewhat known for his rather concise Twitter updates (see "The game was a great game. The young guys pulled it off." and "My stomach is hurting from the chicken I hurt too….."). So when we saw his Twitter rant in response to this tweet from @phillygm711, we had to celebrate the occasion.


Leonard put this dude in his place, but you're going to have to get over the jump to see it.  It's not quite as tolerant as Ryan Howard.

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Roy Oswalt Just Wants a Ring for His Birthday

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2010


Roy Oswalt, celebrating a birthday on Sunday, recently told All Headline News (whom?) that Philadelphia was a target destination all along and he's excited about the opportunity to win- a stark contrast to reports prior to the trade.

“This is one of the teams I wanted to explore when I went to (Houston Astros owner) Drayton (McClain) to talk about (being traded). I knew how good this team was when I was an Astro. That’s not hard to figure out. All you have to see is what they’ve accomplished the last few seasons.”

“I called (Phillies closer) Brad (Lidge) about the clubhouse and he had nothing but good things to say. He was right on the money about these guys. It’s great to be here. It’s a winning environment. You have really good guys that have made me feel welcome. It’s great to be part of this because you have a chance to win every time you take the mound.  I have won a lot of games but I want to win the World Series.”

“You want to get that ring,” Oswalt said. “Personal accomplishments are fine but the ultimate is the team accomplishment. I think this is the team that can do it. They’ve won the whole thing (in 2008). They know how to win and you have so much talent here. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of all of this. I loved being with the Houston Astros but I’m in a great situation with this team."


Now, if Lidge would just stop blowing his victories, we'll be all set.

Chooch Blows Up Eckstein and Carlos Shows Up Too

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2010


Mike Sweeney added an insurance run in the Phillies 3-1 win yesterday, thanks to an awesome take out slide by Carlos Ruiz.

And… the fan above bears a striking resemblence to our very own Carlos. Hmm.  Pic via Ken Rosenthal (@ken_rosenthal).

Video of Chooch blowing up David Eckstein and Shane Victorino's post game interview, after the jump.

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