Pat Goes DEEP


Just the way he likes it too.

I'm not going to celebrate the achievements of another team, but since we do have an entire category dedicated to Pat The Bat, I figured we had to post this.

Check out the little smile he has for J-Roll, rounding second.  The Phils won the game, so all is good, world still spinning- all that jazz.


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  1. Love the title of the entry. Makes this woman sigh. LOL. Hubby and I were at the game last night(standing behind home plate) and a bunch of “twenty-something” ladies with their tight tank tops showing lots of clevage came up behind us and were salivating over Pat and Chase. One screamed “Marry me, Chase”. It was quite comical! It was a treat for hubby and a laugh for me. They left their scent long after they walked away. Pat still has the sweetest tushy 🙂

  2. Bat the Bat had his typical pop up swing going last night and to top his swing off he has his ass poked out trying to get the inside calls. Besides the home run he crushed he looked like the same player that was here a few years ago.
    let me get the top of the ninth tonight with a man on 2nd and 3rd with pat the bat coming up and lidge on the mound. i would love to see pat take strike three with his trademarked ass poke he does. that would be sweet justice.

  3. Iron balls, are you being sarcastic or sincere? After 24 years of marriage, things like that don’t bother me. He came home with me afterall. Barb

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