Patrick Kane Stuck in Suspended Disbelief

Oh, kind of like us during the few seconds after he slid our wants and desires in between Leighton's legs and into the corner of the net.

The Stanley Cup winner got stuck atop of a fire truck ladder with said trophy today in Buffalo.  The Chicago Tribune's Chris Kuc (@chriskuc) reported that Kane was stranded high above the ground for about 20 minutes.  Fire technicians fixed the ladder and Kane and the most coveted trophy in the history of sports landed safely.  They then went into a local bar.

I don't like you, Patrick Kane.


4 Responses

  1. While you are talking about the Hawks, I was going to suggest you check out the Andrew Ladd board. There was a pic of his gf straddling him with the cup, but it has since been deleted. Very classy.

  2. Too bad he didn’t drop the cup so that instead of being known for winning the Stanley Cup, he would be known as the d-bag who beats up cabbies and dropped the Stanley Cup.

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