Pete Rose Doubts Ryan Howard, Continues to Wear Big Hats

Pete Rose sat down with Yahoo Sports, as part of some odd Captain Morgan promotion, and actually gave some pretty good insight about the current state of baseball.  He also took a little shot at Ryan Howard- talking about guys who strike out too much and his inflated opposite field home run numbers.

"Either he's playing in here [small parks] or he's as strong as King Kong."

And of course, the big hat.  Can someone get him a relaxed-fit cap?  Video after the jump.  Ryan Howard specific comment at 1:25 mark.

The interviews are actually pretty good, if you have the time.  And here he is signing autographs and betting on horses (via Hardball Talk), while wearing another big hat.  Pete Rose, that is.
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11 Responses

  1. I think Howard is as strong as king kong and Pete Rose should’ve never gambled his dignity away by wearing that hat.

  2. I love before asking his only question, they cut-away to the interviewer nodding his head at about 15 seconds in just to show that it’s not Pete blathering to himself.
    “Bite this!… Carol.” HAHAHAHAHAHAH! The ditzy look on that girl’s face gets me every time.

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