Phillies Have Very Little Money Left to Spend in 2011

There is going to be a ground swell of "re-sign Jayson Werth" and "sign Cliff Lee" calls this off-season.  Before you participate, know this: the Phillies have $146 million committed to only 16 players next season:  []

Under Contract Through 2011

(figures in millions)

Ryan Howard $20

Roy Halladay $20

Roy Oswalt $16

Chase Utley $15

Raul Ibanez $11.5

Brad Lidge $11.5

Cole Hamels $9.5

Joe Blanton $8.5

Jimmy Rollins $8.5

Shane Victorino $7.5

Placido Polanco $5.25

Ryan Madson $4.5

Danys Baez $2.75

Carlos Ruiz $2.75

Ross Gload $1.6

Brian Schneider $1.5


$31 million tied up between Lidge, Ibanez, and Blanton.  Yikes.

The $146 million is $6 million over their self imposed cap for 2010– meaning the Phillies will have very little flexibility when it comes to adding big name free agents during the off-season since they still have to round out the roster with nine additional players.

Those nine will include Domonic Brown, Ben Francisco, Kyle Kendrick, and Antonio Bastardo, who are very cheaply under the Phillies control.  And the Astros kicked in $11 mil for Oswalt.  So while it's not quite as bad as it first sounds, don't go expecting the return of Cliff Lee.


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  1. I would say get rid of Raul, Lidge, and Blanton. That will free up $30 million. Dominic Brown can be the everyday LF for a lot cheaper than Raul is getting and that leaves more money to go out and get pitchers.

  2. If they want to continue to “feed the beast” as that reporter from SI said the other day, they better be willing to ignore their self-imposed cap for a year or two…Especially if they want to keep selling out games!

  3. Jason, baseball contracts are all guaranteed money… this isn’t the NFL. If those players are released by the Phils, they still get paid. Believe me, I’d love to dump Lidge too.

  4. Yeah, Frank beat me to the punch, but Jason, you’re an idiot. In case you forgot, we paid Adam (f**king) Eaton even after he left town and pitched just as miserably for the Orioles.
    Even if we did that, who is playing right field? Ben Francisco? We might as well drop Victorino too, since he’s hitting only .250, which is 16 points worse than Ibanez. Or Rollins, who is batting .238 and will see no more than 2 pitches with RISP before he grounds out weakly. Ibanez has been hitting the ball hard all season, but hasn’t caught many breaks. He has also struck out a lot and hit some nubbers, but the guy still drove in runs. He’s had a lot to do with our recent hot streak as well, and the argument becomes “it’s because he’s batting in the 3 spot with Howard behind him, so he’s getting a lot of good pitches.” This is true, but he’s hitting better in the #3 hole than Utley has this year. Give the guy a break and don’t be so quick to dismiss him. Consider your other options.

  5. You can’t just “get rid of” people. In the MLB, contracts are fully guaranteed, meaning if you get rid of someone you’re still on the hook for their contract. I’m guessing the team is mostly in place. They’re going to have to find a way to allow for more salary. If they go up to $150 mill, that gives them about $15 mill to figure out all of their bench players and their bullpen. Brown, Francisco, Kendrick and Bastardo aren’t going to cost too much. I would assume they’ll bring back Chad Durbin, Wilson Valdez, maybe Cody Ransom, and then they’ll figure out the bullpen from there. Shouldn’t be too bad.

  6. They may be able to deal Blanton or Ibanez, but for probably nothing. They might even have to include a prospect of their own to get a team to take them, in an NBA-esque trade. They are stuck with Lidge though.
    Also, maybe sacrilege to say since he seems pretty much like teflon around here, but $15M for Utley isn’t exactly a bargain either. The guy has major slumps for weeks or a month at a time every year. Maybe he’s fighting through injuries and not telling anyone, but then it’s $15M for a guy who is injured all the time. Either way, $15M for Utley is not that much better than $11M for Ibanez.

  7. Ibanez actually has the 4th highest batting average with RISP at a respectable 293. He’s been consistently there too, as opposed to others that have been up and down. The two highest might surprise you by how often they swing at and get themselves out on the first pitch: Rollins (.361 – Not as much of a sample size, but still decent) & Victorino (.313). Utley is hitting .300 with RISP, and that was up from .220 two weeks earlier before he got injured, so he was warming up.
    Howard: .282
    Polanco: .279
    Ruiz: .271
    Werth: .157

  8. Also in defense of Utley and Rollins, they do bring a lot more intangibles to the table on this team than just on offense. For whatever reason they just play a lot better when Rollins is in the lineup. And defensively he and Utley save a lot of runs and are about as steady a middle infield combo as you could ask for. They turned a lot of great DP’s throughout the 2008 playoffs to get their pitchers out of jams.

  9. Sucks that this isnt the NFL and you just cant dump players. If the Phils want to continue selling out games the media coverage feeding the beast they might have to go over this limit just for 1 year. Their where mistakes made unfortunately while feeding “The Beast”. Signing Ibanez to 3 years for instance. They have somewhat of a Salary dump in 2012 they need to start growing some home grown talent like they did 5 or 6 years ago.

  10. Well, I’m not sure that I want to comment under the last comment but… hmm! Seems like you hit a hot button here with many opinions. I can’t give an intelligent comment on contracts because I’m not knowledgable in this area. So I won’t :X. I do hope that they find enough monies in their coffer to re-sign Werth though.

  11. A good point was brought up earlier. Both Werth an Utley go through dry spells. The problem gets magnified when the obvious happens they start to lose or when both of them at same time hit their “dry spells”. We are stuck with Raul only way we would have to eat most of his salary(defeats the purpose) and maybe we would get two mid-tier prospects for him or perhaps 1 High Level that is the only way I see of getting rid of Ibanez next year

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