Proposal FAIL: Phillies Fan Demands Marriage


And why no question marks!  Clearly this seems like the type of thing you would submit for her approval.  Also, why capitalize ME!  Is she marrying someone else and you're trying to win her over! These are valid questions. (!!)

This is the epitome of a Gen Y proposal.  Do it with written words, so you're not around for the consequences if she says "no."  I'm guessing she did.

Or doesn't exist.

Or is having sex with someone else, right now.

Bonus FAIL coverage: Ryan Madson takes Mota DEEP on Dom Brown's monster home run.


H/T to one of our best readers, Kim (@kimmayJ), for the screenshot.


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  1. I kept hoping someone would grab that cardboard sign, and rip it up in his face. Too bad. Would’ve been funnier if someone on opposite side had held up a sign saying “For the last time no, I will not marry you!”

  2. Haha thanks for the credit! He left it up for most of the game. I am guessing she never called him to say yes. Not surprising. Dennis: CW15 is in Lancaster. It takes the Phl17 footage and just places CW signage over it- but the PHL shit still shows through. Lancaster IS that lame, but its the only way to get the game in HD out here.

  3. i get both games, in HD when they arent on CSN. If you have comcast and live in the lancaster area its in the 800’s

  4. He started making a new sign… I guess she never said yes and he gave up… It started out just chase and werth, ended up with “the CHASE is WERTH it” this guy, man I feel bad for him.

  5. If i was behind him i would have promptly ripped his dorky sign into pieces and then laughed in his face! And i hope that Jess said no… how unimaginative of a proposal! this jerkoff just figured out a way to knock “jumbotron proposal” out of the top spot on the world’s corniest proposal ideas!

  6. For all u ass munches talking s**t she did say yes and their already happily married it was a joke between him and his wife….Maybe u are all mad u didnt have the balls to do something like that or maybe ur pissed because he had better seats then all of u………..

  7. geez Jennifer no need to call names……it’s just that man’s sign was distracting and quite annoying while trying to watch the game. Okay, hold it up once or twice? fine….. BUT….several innings? it’s not funny anymore dude. It’s annoying.

  8. This is Jessica (the “Jess” on the sign) and that was my HUSBAND Jeremy. He got invited to the game last minute (I WAS invited, but declined) and made that makeshift sign in the car on the way there. He was trying to be funny, profess his love, but mainly to see if I would be able to see him on TV. His punctuation/capitalization is not the best, but hey, he’s a mechanic, not an English teacher! And it was his sister that wrote on the other side and it said: The Chase is on & it’s Werth it. Yeah, admittedly kinda silly, but whatever – it made them happy. Love all the comments everyone – hilarious!

  9. Jennifer, Jessica, dumbstuff, and whoever else was involved with this shenanigan, here’s a tip:
    If you ever have to point out to anyone and everyone that something is a joke, then it really ISN’T a joke.
    Kyle, I guess I just fulfilled your required monthly PSA. You’re welcome.

  10. Wow! Welcome to Philadelphia. Where everyone has to be an asshole or a tough guy. I thought it was great Jess and Jeremy. 🙂

  11. i was hoping that pat the bat would rip a foul boul in his face for holding up that stupid sign and waving it before EVERY PITCH. F that geek, i hope pat slips it to jess then makes her snowball his offering with her lame husband.

  12. thats my uncle you’re all talking about.
    it didnt have to be a joke to everyone but just to his wife and his family and friends.
    god forbid out of the however many games there are a year, one game had something distracting. boo hoo.
    did we forget that idiots run across fields and get tasered here too? it’s hilarious that you all waste time making dumbfounded comments on a website to make yourself feel better.
    jealous that you all had to watch from home instead of having great seats at the game.
    how old are we?

  13. first, i was at the game too and a reader sent me the screen shot. second, that’s annoying. there’s people behind you, people watching on tv, someone trying to get their 15 minutes of fame (it worked) by holding up a pointless sign is amateur. inside jokes should stay that way, inside. also, we’re having fun with it- clearly your astute uncle wanted to attention and he got it. learn to take a joke, obviously we don’t know him or his wife, but have consideration for other people around you. hold the sign up once, then stop being a douchebag.

  14. so now that we have you all angered and pissed that you were annoyed with something at the game, mission accomplished little cry babies.

  15. See, Kyle. That’s the problem with our society today. No matter how much you politely try to explain it to them, people will continue to refuse to comprehend that they’re nothing but a bunch of selfish assholes.
    I wish there was a test everybody must take, and if they can’t pass it (like purtsak won’t be able to pass it), then they don’t get to procreate.

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