Ryan_howard_entourageUPDATE: Heres the video.

Ryan Howard hasn't exactly been mashing the ball at the plate this year, but he's certainly making the rounds on popular television shows.

According to Todd Zolecki, The Big Piece will appear in the season finale of Entourage on September 12th.  Zolecki discovered this when he saw Howard talking to Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) behind the batting cages, earlier tonight.  Ferrara won't say what the scene was about, but said it was with his character. Other guests in the episode include Christiana Aguilera, Eminem, Drew Brees, Jordan Farmer, and Kevin Love.

Earlier this summer, Howard and Utley shot an episode of It's Always Sunny at Harrah's in Chester.

Maybe some extra bp this week would be nice too.

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