Ryan Howard to Return to Philadelphia

According to CSNPhilly.com, Ryan Howard will return to Philadelphia to be evaluated by a team doctor on Tuesday.

X-rays were negative on his left ankle, but it's likely that the team wants to perform an MRI to determine the severity of the sprain.  A decision will be made about whether he needs to go on the DL after the evaluation.

A month without Howard, who usually gets hot and carries the team through August, is deadly for the UtleyVicto-less Phils.


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  1. It did not look pretty. I injured myself in a similar way playing B-Ball. He will probably will be swollen moderate pain any it may take at least 10 days before he is able to walk with minor discomfort. Maybe 2 weeks before he is back to normal. Of course they have top notch medical staff and trainers so it might be less…

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