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Hey, let's raise money for a good cause.  How should we do it? A fashion show!  Not the most manly of ideas, but the back-to-back NL Champs pull it off. 

"Shane Victorino hosted a benefit auction, dinner and celebrity fashion
show featuring Philadelphia Phillies stars, their wives and other
celebrities who took the catwalk during a upscale high-fashion Saks
Fifth Avenue produced show. The event, held at the Union League in
Philadelphia, raised funds for the Shane Victorino Foundation, a
nonprofit organization that promotes opportunities for underprivileged
youth in Hawaii and Philadelphia by engaging in projects which provide
children with educational, recreational and wellness programs." – myphl17 

Due to the lack of bedazzled Dragon t-shirts I'm gonna say that this wasn't Shane's idea.  Nonetheless, the Phillies and the ladies they were accompanied by looked stellar in their attire.  

Photos on myphl17.com and after the jump:


I like the lounge singer look, Shane.

He's a natural!

Look at that, he's a natural!

I take it back.  I don't know what that means.  It's either a gang sign or he's trying to control traffic…I'll refrain from making a fingering joke (or fingerblasting as the kids are calling it these days).

Shane has the swagger to pull off this sort of thing.

and Jimmy, the natural showman, was born for something like this.

Walk-off home runs and a lady on each arm.  Can't beat that.

Way to utilize the "I'll complete your game" look.

Didn't think you'd see the Drive-by Cole Hamels anytime soon, did ya?

Cole Hamels and Harold Reynolds: The classiest drug deal I've ever seen.

And then there were the more stunning moments…

I can't possibly say anything bad about this picture…

…or especially this one.

I'll take two, please.

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