Shawn Andrews Signs with NY Giants

Good luck with that, NY.  []

"Our personnel staff has been monitoring Shawn's progress for a while now," general manager Jerry Reese said in the team's press release. "He looks great and had a very good workout for us yesterday. He can play both guard and both tackle positions. We just have to take him slow for the rest of the preseason to get him into game shape. Shawn is very excited and grateful for this opportunity to play for the New York Giants."


Here's what Shawn did last year instead of playing football.  He calls it "the best thing since Obama got elected."  You be the judge.

Video after the jump.  H/T to read Daniel Spencer for lookin out.

"I skimped my mother-sucking head up."  Click here if the video doesn't play.


3 Responses

  1. He’s signed as an insurance policy. TC loves OL who can play different positions – Diehl can play guard/tackle, Seubert can play center/guard/tackle, Andrews is signed as insurance in case our top two guards and a backup get hurt.
    If he sees ANY playing time in the regular season, it’s a bad sign for the Giants OL. It means Diehl, Seubert, Whimper all got hurt.
    Good luck with it? Not needed – he’s the bottom of the OL depth chart.

  2. looking forward to his comeback rap videos on youtube. i dont think he will ever be able to top “getting my michael phelps on”

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