Sixers Make Subtle, Pointless Change to Uniforms

In their continued effort to do anything except actually improving the team, the Sixers made a slight change to their uniforms for the sure-to-be-exciting 2010-2011 campaign.

Can you spot the difference?

Click after the jump for the explanation.





Notice the thin white line around the collar, as opposed to blue?  That's it as best as I can tell.  This also signifies the change in face of the organization.  Goodbye, Jrue Holiday.

There's also supposed to be a slight change to the court.  Can't wait to see what that is!


16 Responses

  1. i LOVE basketball. it’s my second favorite sport. but the sixers are USELESS. when they start doing something right, ill give them credit.

  2. They need money coming in some how… I guess they hope the limited fans buy the new jersey every year

  3. I understand the dislike for the current regime, but as piss poor a brand of basketball they put out there, you still have to support them, no? I dunno, that’s just the way I feel. I hate the way they’ve been the past couple of seasons, but I don’t go shitting down their throats at every given opportunity.
    They drafted Evan Turner, there’s a start for your “doing something right”

  4. i applauded their drafting evan turner, and i will root for them, but this site is not a ra ra fan site. we’re going to call out ineptitude and have some fun with stuff. i see your point, but the sixers are going to have to do a lot more than get lucky to have us start praising them. hiring thorn? keeping stefanski? having 3 different swing players? no direction? those things are all real.

  5. I wish teams would stop changing uniforms all the time. The Flyers are the worst about this. The Flyers are GOOD! Why change so much? The 3D logo was a disaster. Just go with a classic look and let it go.

  6. Why are you guys such relentless complainers? From a design perspective (i’m a clothing designer) it’s a subtle change but a nice one. Man it must be tough being friends with you guys.

  7. When we started our blog several years ago, there were maybe 2 or 3 Philly sports blogs out there. Now there are hundreds of them. I think blogs should be designated at BT or AT, with BT meaning before twitter and AT meaning after twitter. Twitter bred thousands of blogs worldwide.
    My point is you can’t please all the people. Best of luck Kyle. Don’t listen to all these detractors.

  8. Useless sport, boring as all hell…I used to LOVEEE the NBA back in Muggsy Bogues, Ewing, Mourning, etc. The NBA has taken a turn for the much worse it seems and the Lebron show is just disgusting. Hes an incredible player as is Kobe, but the rest of the league…YAWN. Why cant they focus on making the game better (raising the hoop is an idea..) and let the jersey re-designing go for awhile.
    Just bored with NBA, college BBall is so much better.

  9. I just can’t help but think in that pic, Turner is trying to hide a boner holding the basketball there.

  10. I think it is a very effective subtle change. I thought the all blue collar looked too much like an old Clippers uniform. Now they are back to the classic Sixers look.

  11. i wouldn’t say the classic sixers look is back because of this subtle change. i will say i agree with the move, but why stop there? where is the outline of “SIXERS”? why not get rid of the stupid side design in favor of nothing or a normal stripe down the side? why not make a normal round collar like the old days?

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