The commish is not having a good day.

He showed up at Eagles training camp in the Madden Cruiser around 2:30, right as the Eagles were set to begin afternoon practice.  Madden, who is now an ambassador of the game (??), picked up Goodell in New York on his way to Lehigh- for what I'm sure was two hours of riveting Brett Favre discussion.

Goodell is there for his annual don't-you-do-that-again meeting with Michael Vick.  According to's Tim McManus, who was on 97.5 The Fanatic, Goodell stepped aside to take a call during practice and wound up standing directly under a scaffolding used for team cameras.  Someone above dropped a pulley wire, sending a piece of equipment in the direction of the commish's head.  McManus said the operator recovered in time to stop the falling object just feet before it hit Goodell.

There's a "dogfighting almost killed the commish" joke in here somewhere, I just can't find it.