THIS Is Why The Mets Suck

Literally, this is the precise reason.

Jose Reyes made a few fielding miscues this week, prompting questions from reporters about his focus on the field.  His response?  [Wall Street Journal]

"It's hard to stay like that [for] 100-and-something pitches that they throw," Mr. Reyes said after the Mets' victory. "Sometimes, you're going to miss one or two."


Right, like you can't be expecting a brotha to be paying attention to all the pitches in a game.

This is the exact type of idiocy that seperates the Phils and the Mets.  And why for each of the last four seasons, the Phillies have overtaken the Mets in the standings.

Plus, Jose's too busy hitting us with a barrage of homosexuality– like this GQ photo shoot from a few years ago:



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  1. seriously, why so judgmental? after that many pitches, how can he be expected to keep his focus? it’s not like it’s his career or anything…oh, wait…

  2. Yes, the mets suck because a guy responds to a question in a completely understandable (but poorly phrased) manner. The Phillies didn’t overtake the mets in ’07 and ’08 because of a myriad of injuries or anything or the fact that The Phils were pretty good themselves? What boggles my mind about this tremendous run that this team has had over the last few seasons is that the fans can’t seem to simply bask in success but they still feel enough of an inferiority complex with regards to New York (and the Mets) that they still feel the necessity to post things like this. We all know that once this team gets old and stops winning (and Ryan Howard becomes Mo Vaughn) that nobody in philly will give a shit anymore about baseball and the phillies will go back to being a distant third behind the Eagles and Flyers.

  3. Anybody that compares ryan howard to a future mo vaughn is a total douche bag and his/her argument will not even be acknowledge…. If you dont like reading about Phillies stuff which includes Mets bashing(thats what makes it a rivalry), then pack up and move to NYC and pay 1700 a month for a 250 sq ft apartment. Jack ass

  4. Well baseballreference is WRONG…. Mo vaughn NEVER hit 50 homers, never had 4 straight 40+ home run seasons. Mo never 4 straight 130+ rbi… Also The Big Piece never went 0-14 in his playoff debut… even though both players were on the losing side of a 3 game sweep. And Mo Vaughn NEVER won a World Series!

  5. The phillies seem to be way way way ahead of the mutts now in 2010 and every one of our starting players has been hurt except for werth,,,,plus more have been hurt,,,I am so looking forward to when they are all better,,then, look out ! The players currently playing have been great,,thanks guys !

  6. Thank you! just like the world series champion tally. this round ends, Ryan Howard-1. Mo Vaughn-0…. Go Phils!

  7. Ryan Howard has never been the best player on his team?? Pretty sure he won an MVP, which made him the best player in his league….

  8. Really… thats the best that you can do…. since we are resorting to opinions try this shoe on for size, IF Howard is the next mo vaugh, even though mo vaughn only got fatter even in his prime and did not lose weight like Ryan… even IF Howard will decline into a shapeless blob whose chin and man boobs forged into one, the same mo vaughn that was almost thrown out at first base by Vlad guerroro on a line drive, i will take that decline THEN to have the BEST production man in the game NOW

  9. Yeah, lets talk about the 2006 season where Howard won the MVP.. Pujols not only was on a team that made the playoffs but he led the league in slugging, OPS, OPS+ and had a WAR of 8.3.. Howard on the other hand had a WAR of 5.8 in 2006 which put him as 8th and his WAR hasn’t even come close to that since.. Chase Utley on the other hand (the guy who should be making 25 mil a year) has had four whole seasons with a WAR over 5.8 and his 2006 season was very close with a 5.7. Howard maybe was better than Utley in 2006, but Utley has been far better since.

  10. First Chase Utley is LEGEND, so no argument there… but i have to call violation. WAR…. really and pujols? what happened to Mo vaughn mr NYC??? And go look at your dorkhole stats for when Pujols won in 2008… When howard should have won… just like pujols should have won in 04. Howard isnt about all these fabricated stats that were created by players agents to get middle rung players Monster contracts. Give me my power hitter with his RBI and HR…

  11. Howard vs Utley is an argument any phils fan will gladly ignore….we have BOTH so who the f*&^ cares! And your Mo Vaughn comparison is specious at best. In one post you imply Howard will become what Mo Vaughn became, yet the reference link is comparing Howard to Vaughn only through age 29. Why not pick Willie McCovey? Just as likely through age 29 according to the link. Through age 23 Jose Reyes was probably close to Derek Jeter and David Wright to Mike Schmidt. Yet we know they are now closer to Larry Bowa & David Bell respectively.

  12. So give you your power hitter who had one monster season and a couple of good seasons who has a bodytype that won’t hold up past 35 and already is a liability in the field in his absolute prime.. Interesting.

  13. @LOL How did I ever come off as jealous? By using statistics to back up an argument.. that’s jealousy? I should probably go back to my mother’s basement then
    @Deej RBI is a somewhat useful stat, but it has as much (or more) to do with the ability of those in front of Ryan Howard in the lineup as it does with Howard himself. Unless every single one of said hitters RBI comes from solo home runs, it will always be a flawed statistic. When you have Chase Utley, and Jimmy Rollins in front of you in the lineup, you should have a ton of RBI. If Ryan Howard had a couple of sub .300 OBP guys, he wouldn’t have nearly as many RBI. Just like there are better ways to evaluate a pitcher than ERA (FIP, xFIP, ERA+) there are better ways to measure run production than simply RBI. It will always have a place in the stat books, but it’s incredibly flawed because a guy who is really good at hitting sacrifice flies could theoretically lead the league in RBI if he had good enough players in front of him.
    @Jordan 4: That’s absolute garbage.. In baseball especially, pure unbridled talent wins.. The ’86 Mets and the ’93 Phillies were a bunch of dickheads and crazy people yet they still won. The whole character thing is largely a creation of the mainstream media.. it helps, but in the course of 162 games, talent wins.

  14. Three reasons why the Mets suck: Minaya, Manuel and the Wilpons. Nothing will change until there’s a management change or better yet, the Wilpons sell the team.

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