Well, That’s One Way to Move On…


When life gives you lemons, you turn your Cliff Lee shirt into a Roy Hal"lee"day shirt…or something like that.

On the 100th consecutive sellout of Citizen's Bank Park, this ticket holder shows his devotion for Phillies ace Cliff Lee…err…Roy Halladay, with this professionally altered shirsey.  As you can see, a sharpie (most likely) was applied to the back of the shirt to convert Lee of the Cliff variety into "Halleeday" of the Roy persuasion with artistic precision (lots of sarcasm).   Given that they have each worn #34, it was an easy transition.  How clever (only slight sarcasm)!  I mean, it's a money saver and you'll get a picture taken of the back of your shirt.  It's a win-win situation.

It's kind of like crossing out an old girlfriend's name on your book bag in elementary school so you can write in a new one.  No big deal, simply move on.  Cross out the K.I.M.R.L.Y in Kimberly and write T.H. for Beth.  Out with the old and in with the new.

No one will even notice.

So what do you think? Genius or a violation?

Photo Credit to my buddy Mike Cermignano


6 Responses

  1. Violation. Those shirts only cost 25 bucks at most. Dip into your wallet and buy a new Halladay t-shirt and keep the Lee one as a momento. Halladay deserves a fresh t-shirt plus you’re invested for a few years. I know times are tough financially but there are plenty of other ways to be frugal. Now, if it was a jersey, well,… nah, still not right! I’m going to enshrine my Werth jersey at the end of this season unless he’s resigned which I’m still holding out hope for. Call me crazy :p

  2. I agree, Barb. Violation. This is sort of like Tommy Lee or Johnny Depp trying to fix a tattoo of an ex’s name. Bad idea.

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