ZOMG! The Flyers Are Making Ice

Flyers_making_iceThey are not "making the ice"

Not since watching paint dry has an activity been more exciting!

Either the Flyers have engineered a new synthetic playing surface, or this is a lame promotion.  The team has invited the public down to the Wells Fargo Center tomorrow from 1-2PM, so fans can watch the arena crew “make ice.”  I’ll save you the suspense and trip down to South Philly.  They are going to make the cement floor real cold.  They are going to spray a thin layer of water on it.  The water is going to freeze.  BOOM, ice!

Then they are going to paint lines on it.  BOOM, hockey arena!

The Sixers are going to have a similar promotion- 41 times this season you can pay to watch them throw a pile of shit on a wooden floor.  Truth.


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5 Responses

  1. Lol the last line was funny but idk why you’re hating on this. It’d still be cool to watch them make the ice. I’d go if I didn’t have work lol

  2. haha actually the lines get painted on the cement then they spray the thin layer of water…just sayin

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