Andy Reid Didn’t Want Kolb “Crucified”, and Rich Hoffman Get His Licks In

Rich Hoffman took a not not-so-thinly-veiled shot at Andy Reid on  The complaint from local reporters has long been that Reid saves all of his "real answers" for the national media, who in turn, portray him in a good light for the masses.

You usually won't see this local angst make its way into print, but Hoffman get his barbs in about Reid telling Peter King one of the real reasons Kolb is no longer the starter.

Andy Reid has different words for different audiences, which isn't a big deal or a big shock. But he tends to explain things differently to national reporters (who almost 100 percent of the time end up taking his side) than he does to the great unwashed here in Philadelphia.

What Reid told King:  []


"A young quarterback needs time to mature as he grows in the game. I don't think Kolb has lost one thing. He's a franchise quarterback. He will win games, and championships, for the Eagles. But I think it's a different deal when you go out there and can't make a mistake or you're going to get crucified, which is the way this thing might have gone if he went back in there now.''


Hey fellas, let's leave the reporter squabbles out of the papers, k?  For the record, I thought Reid's press conference the other night was relatively candid.  Plus, the "crucified" comment really had nothing to do with his decision, more a justification for why this might not be as bad for Kolb's psyche as we might think.
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13 Responses

  1. Andy Reid doesnt have to answer to anyone including me you or rich hoffman. when we start signing his checks then he owes us some answers. you could water board Reid and you would still get the same responses from him. his lack of answers are very annoying but it is something you have to learn to live with.

  2. Besides that, if you were a true sports reporter and this site knew how to post anything objective. You would have the comman sense to figure out this wasn’t Andy’s decision. Even a retard knows that.

  3. d- the fans pretty much pay for all athlete/coach checks. i never said he had to answer to anyone, rich hoffman did. but part of the sports world is an obligation to the media. but again, i wasn’t complaining here.
    jon- yep, you’re right. i’m the retarded one. this may have been the most objective, middle of the road post we ever had. i clearly lack “comman” sense though.

  4. You clearly lack comman sense for thinking Andy Reid would call Kevin Kolb his starter the 1st day and Mike Vick the very next day.
    It’s called Jeffrey Lurie douche nozzle.

  5. oh yeah, and reading comprehension 101:
    “For the record, I thought Reid’s press conference the other night was relatively candid. Plus, the “crucified” comment really had nothing to do with his decision, more a justification for why this might not be as bad for Kolb’s psyche as we might think.”

  6. did you deduce that yourself, or did mike missanelli tell you to think that?
    i’m not even disagreeing with you. the article had nothing to do with the real reason, and everything to do w reid, the media, and how it might not be a bad thing for kolb. again LEARN TO READ. or don’t read the site, really, i can do with one less reader, i promise.

  7. jon you’re criticizing kyle for writing his opinion when thats his job. Not to mention when you can’t pass 3rd grade english you’re not allowed to criticize a writer. try that for “comman” (lol) sense.

  8. “can’t get a mistake or you’ll get crucified” – is it just me or are we meant to assume that’s referring to the media and the fans, but in reality, it’s the opposing defensive lines that will crucify him. With that offensive line and his relative immobility, he’s lucky that all he got was a concussion.

  9. me, i think we assumed it had to do with the media/fans, but the question was about his “psyche” so i think that’s what he was getting at.
    could be wrong.

  10. i just think this is the “Lurie way” or should i say the “banner way”… think about it Donovan/Reid were one in the same during their shared time here. They show little emotion, give generic “bull durham” responses, the “one day at a time, win as a team lose as a team, not get ahead of ourselves” blah blah blah…. I am just so sick of Reid and the whole lot of them… and Kyle love your site and i am a dedicated reader, but Mikey Miss is meerly a voice box for the people. And i for one do feel that it had to come from higher than reid… or for me the only other explanations are 1) Reid rightfully admits that he doesnt want to sacrifice Kolb to defenses with his joke of an O line, or 2) he is a total football idiot and should not be a head coach!

  11. Kyle, your comment seems to say you’re not real fond of Mike Miss. Just curious as to why? While at times I feel he can be a bit smug and occasionally disagree with him, I really enjoy his show and thinks his opinions are correct a VAST majority of the time. All along I thought he had the Vick/Kolb debacle pegged the right way.

  12. Brian, not at all. I like mike miss, I was just saying that this has basically been his stance and I’m wondering if jon amo came to this conclusion by himself, or he’s just parroting miss.

  13. Gotcha….that Mets post is classic. They are beyond pathetic. I would love it if these two teams had a bench-clearer the next couple games. Phillies would do some serious ass-whuppin.

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