Be Glad We Have Real Fans

Or else you could wind up with tweets like this one from David Price (@davidprice14).  Yeah, he's gonna get some flak for this.  But you know what?  He's 100% right.  There were more Phillies fans in DC tonight than there were Rays fans in their own stadium.  Just sad.


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  1. I’m a die hard Phils fan who lives here in Tampa and i’ll admit that the Rays are definitely a fun team to watch. It’s definitely a disgrace that no one shows up for the games. I agree with Price.

  2. I can’t blame the fans, even though the team is great, that stadium is worse than a cemetery. HORRIBLE!

  3. It’s hard to disagree with Price. I don’t even disagree him making his feeling public. It’s sad that so many fans in other cities don’t get to experience success yet in some places it’s wasted.

  4. Tropicana Field is much better than the Vet. I actually liked it much better when it served as the home for the Lightning before the Ice Palace was built. Back then they faced the Flyers more before the realignment.
    The big problem with Trop Field is location (and lack of convenient transportation besides driving) and decentralized parking. I think the Rays owners would like to build a new venue east of Tampa, near the I-75 and I-4 junction, so that they can tap inot the Orlando market. Even people in Tampa don’t like making the drive over the causeway into St Pete. For some reason, the local and state governments aren’t keen on such a move. But it would make it closer to me.
    Right now, I’d rather take the 4 hour drive to see the Phillies play the Marlins (especially when the new Marlins Ballpark opens in 2012) than a 2.5 hour drive to watch them play the Rays in interleague. Going to see them play in Tampa again for another World Series—that’s a different story altogether.

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