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"What would you know about pressure?"

"Well I have kissed a man."


I haven't, and this Ace Ventura reference is starting to get weird.  Let's move on.

It sounds like the onset of panic in Atlanta.  Where did our lead go?!  [Atlanta Constitution Journal]

After 99 days in first place, they now stare up at the Phillies. As of 10:26 p.m. Tuesday, the Braves went from leading the East to leading the National League wild card chase, and that’s not a bad thing in itself. What’s troubling, alas, is how horribly the Braves are playing.

Rick Ankiel has done nothing. Nate McLouth continues to do nothing. Derrek Lee has done next to nothing. Troy Glaus hasn’t done much since June. Those four men staff two fairly key positions,  and at this late date you have to wonder: Would moving Melky Cabrera to center and the kid Freddie Freeman into a starting role at first base have a deleterious effect on a team that can’t score to begin with?

They also have fans who haven't shown up all year.  But that's another post.