Caption It! Brad Lidge Talks to Space

Brad Lidge is informed that Albert Pujols' 2005 home run ball has been found

The Phillies recently tweeted a picture of Brad Lidge talking to Tracy Caldwell Dyson, a Phillies fan living at the International Space Station (so, like, she has the, right?).  Lidge's first two questions went through without a hitch.  Then, just as he was about to get off the third question uneventfully, he stuttered, slurred, accidentally spit on the camera, and knocked-over the monitor, causing the connection to break, the interview to be finished, and Lidge to leave the room with stiffness in his right knee.

Give us your best caption in the comments below (no login required).

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17 Responses

  1. Great job finding the Pujols ball. By the way, have you seen Ryan Zimmerman’s? I’ve been looking for over a month and I JUST CANNOT FIND IT.

  2. I’ve been asked to inform you that every one of the 10 million Phillies fans residing in the U.S. has agreed to contribute $10 a piece if you will abduct Wheels before your next mission and drag him along with you. If you return to earth with toupee boy in tow you must refund the money. Are you in?

  3. Lidge confuses Astronaut with former team mate from the Astros, makes Skype call and hilarity ensues.
    (My second take.)

  4. Well Brad our research confirms what we had suspected all along. Chris Wheeler is in fact the biggest douche bag in the Universe. We searched galaxies far and wide and we could not find a single greater douche in this galaxy or any other.
    On a side note did you know that on a clear day you can see Ryan Howards nose from up here.

  5. “Hi It’s me Brad Lidge, The Phillies Closer.
    I have a head ache because some of the Phillies fans are real asshole who cannot appreciate shit!
    How about my perfect season in 2008? No? My injuries in 09? No? I think I am doing fine this year but all these asshole front runner fans keep riding me.”

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