Daily News Takes the High Road

Blogs often take criticism for crossing the line (Broad?) and unfairly dredging up past screw-ups of athletes.  But the Daily News takes the cake today.

Boy, they must have really searched long and hard for that pun.

The Wiz Wit and Yahoo have good takes as well.


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  1. Does the next page start with “Get it? Top DOG! Because of the whole dog fighting…ah you get it…”

  2. The Daily News should have had Halladay as the main story. He’s the Phillies’ first 20-game winner in 28 years (and first right-handed 20-game winner since Robin Roberts?!?!) THAT is newsworthy. Who cares about the Eagles? They are just desperately trying to steal attention away from the Phillies … first by cutting Westbrook just as Spring Training games were getting underway, then by trading McNabb the night before Opening Day, now by making this announcement at 6:30 last night, right in the middle of the Phillies’ biggest series of the season so far. That’s too many “coincidences,” if you ask me. It’s just pathetic. The media should not even indulge the Eagles. They are a non-factor. Go Phillies!!!

  3. top dog my ass!!!!! i find that comment offensive to dogs!! more like top scumbag!!!! so what hes the starter whoopie doo!! phillies all day babyyyyy!!!

  4. @Lisa, I completely agree w/ you. Even though this is a football town, the Eagles haven’t done anything worthy of the following we give them. The Phillies won it all in a year that they were supposed to be rebuilding.

  5. Well to be fair, Halladay winning is not that big of a story. He’s done it 20 times this year. A team making a QB switch in week 2 is bigger news.

  6. I love it how all these Phillies fans now act as they are the crap. Where were you all in the late 90s at the Vet when they drew all of 7,000 people a game. Oh that’s right… the city didn’t care about the Phillies. Just watch your ankles when you decide to jump off the wagon.

  7. @John E it is big news bc the phillies have not had a 20 game winner in 28 years
    @alyssa Vick did the crime and he did the time what else would you like from the man at least he went to prison unlike other people that keep on doing crimes and never seeing the inside of a jail for more than 10 mins. he has a right to make a living and he’s doing what he can to make it right by helping other dogs and not hurting them

  8. I am A Life long PHilly SPORTS Phanatic and of the DAily News. I am so disappointed that the PHILLIES are not the TOP DAWGS of todays paper!!!! They Earned it with several bilines available!!!!! LIke for instance” DOC OPERATES TO 20TH WIN” OR PHILLIES BRAVELY BEAT ATLANTA NOW UP 5…..OR JUST PHILLIES RULE NL EAST..FANS ESTATIC!!!! But you decided to DEVOTE it ALL to THe EAGLES ANd To VICK! Sure it’s A BIG STORY but really should have been second. Sorry PHILLIES I would have MADE YOU TOP DAWGS!!! Christine Sorling

  9. @kevin who cares?
    besides, i was too young to pay attention to sports and comprehend what was going on at that time.
    there is a new generation of phillies fans that weren’t around or didn’t discover baseball or sports when the vet was around. keep that in mind before you accuse phillies fans of just jumping on the bandwagon. and what’s wrong with fans being proud of their team? ok, so some might get a little excited. so what? people do it all over the country for their teams. not just philly. and don’t give me that nonsense about how phillies fans are different because that’s crap. there are sports nuts all over the country, not just philadelphia.
    @ everyone else…football town or not, the phillies success is big news because they represent the city of philadelphia. the phillies having a pitcher winning 20 games for the first time in 28 years is a big deal, more so than the football team changing quarterbacks. and not only that, but on their way to potentially having the best win-loss record since 1993. they won 97 games in 1993. in 2008 they won 92. last year they won 93. they have 10 games left and they have 91 wins already. that’s a big deal. thats something to kick up a fuss about. thats something to be proud of. football town or not, they represent this city and we should be backing them up and showing them how proud we are of what they have achieved.

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