Damn Yankee Fans

It’s that time of year, where we shift our attention, concern, trivial hate and LOLs from the Mets to New York’s other baseball team.

The New York Times did some crack reporting today (for the past month?), pointing out that an increasing number of criminals are wearing Yankees caps while committing their offenses.  They used a lot of space to explore their theories as to why. 

I have a couple of my own.

Either (ZOMG!) all Yankees fans are criminals, or, more likely, there are a whole bunch of douchebag, crooked cap wearing bandwagon Yankees fans, in a city of over nine million, who couldn’t tell you the difference between a walk and a balk, and maybe, just maybe, a few of them are bound to commit crimes.  But hey, I’m no scholar.

The Times explores the “Jay-Z effect."  Still, we’re going to chalk this one up to a numbers game. Of course, if this trend was in Philly, the entire story would be about how we are scum of the earth.  

The article also says nothing of criminal Yankee players…


Circling back to the Mets for a sec.  The article points out that only a few recent crimes were committed with perps wearing Mets hats.  Jeez, they can’t win at anything.

But hey, they did have 2008 Snooki sing a song about them.  How this video escaped me for nine months, I will never know.

Video after the jump.


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  1. Is that a umpa-lumpa! somebody alert willy wonka ASAP there has been a security breach at the factory!

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